Dear brothers and sisters,


In life as a Christian medical and dental professional, we gain insights and come to road maps in the light of experiences, questions and convictions. The new leadership team with young dentists and doctors serving alongside seniors would certainly challenge the prior view of our role in society, church and family. Our chaplain Rev. Dr. Tan Soo Inn will continue to encourage us along and build spiritual friendships as our "Honorary Chaplain" from July 09 onwards.


Our doctors have started their first bi-monthly prayer meeting having been inspired by their dental colleagues. You will also read of how Dr. Chris Gnanakan challenged us on the "Six Paradigm Shifts in Medical Missions". Our brothers and sisters serving in the field helped us explore new and different questions along our medical journey at a very warm "family" gathering which included students.

Surprises and bonuses from the Lord come in many forms as we ask fresh questions of life in medicine; and our students are asking for mentors too. Let us respond! 



P.S. As I write this short note, I'm told the news that the annual MMF fund raising dinner and golf event has been oversubscribed for the first time.


Medical Missions Foundation

Golf Tournament & Fund-Raising Dinner



Teeing off for a Good Cause
The Medical Missions Foundation's Annual Golf Tournament is back for the fifth year!  We thank all who have signed up for the tournament. Registration has officially closed as it's fully booked. Guest-of-Honour Assoc. Prof. Ho Peng Kee (Senior Minister of State for Law & Home Affairs) will grace the sporting event at the Raffles Country Club Lake Course on Aug 12 (Wed) as well as the dinner at Shanshui Palace Restaurant on the same day.

Feast for a Good Cause
Our fund-raising dinner at Raffles Country Club's Shanshui Palace Restaurant is also over subscribed. The response has been overwhelming to say the least. We thank all who have booked a seat or table with us. Our guest speaker is
Dr. Kelvin Chen who will be sharing on his experience in Nigeria.


If you are unable to be present, consider sending a gift to support the medical/dental doctors serving in the field. Your donations are much appreciated.


For more details:  admin@cmdf.org.sg


CMDF Retreat @ SAF Yacht Club


Sailing On
The tranquil premises of the Singapore Yacht Club was where we escaped to for an afternoon retreat on March 14. The leadership team spent the afternoon re-looking at our mission statement and tried to sense where God is leading us. Top on the agenda was to re-work the mission statement, as we recognised that we've become too diverse in our programmes. We were trying to steer our roles back as Christian medical professionals in a contemporary urban context. Rev. (Dr.) Tan Soo Inn got us to share our needs and struggles. It was the first time we got to engage with one another on a more personal level. 

Connecting with the next generation was also a key focus, and younger doctors like Drs. Goh Siew Hor, Calvin Koh, Deborah Khoo and Lester Leong injected fresh perspectives on the role of the CMDF. With renewed hearts and minds after the four-hour session, we were ready to take on the next wave of building a more authentic CMDF community.  


ICMDA Regional Meeting in Singapore (May 2)

by Dr. Daryl Hackland

As the work expands, the International Christian Medical and Dental Association’s (ICMDA) process of regionalisation serves to strengthen the bonds of unity between member organisations and contact groups.  It was encouraging and exciting to meet in Singapore with representatives from Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar. 


The meeting also launched the 10th and 11th regions of South East Asia and East Asia. We shared moving reports of the work in Christian hospitals and fellowship groups, and considered ways in which the ICMDA can lend support.  Each region will soon have a Regional Committee, a Regional Secretary and Area Student Rep (student/junior graduate regional secretary). 


Drs. Goh Wei Leong and Heng Chang Chen were also elected as acting regional secretaries for South East Asia and East Asia respectively.  They are to take forward the process of regionalisation. Having these regions will benefit the extension of our Lord’s work within the health profession and services of each country




CMDF Annual Fellowship Meeting

by Dr. Tan Kay Soon



As with most AGMs, CMDF’s had the usual reports and announcement of new leaders. But the evening session held at Wesley Methodist Church on June 4 had something more  – an inspiring message by guest speaker, Dr. Chris Gnanakan and a short but heartfelt sharing session by medical student Ms. Ann Toh.

The meeting kicked off with worship songs enthusiastically led by Dr. Michael Kim on the guitar and Dr. Darryl Chew on the piano. Dr. Goh Wei Leong briefed the audience on some of the local activities in the past year and Mr. Jonathan Tan, a second-year medical student shared about his volunteer experience at HealthServe. Ms. Ann Toh also related her personal experience on her M4 elective posting to Yunnan, China and even had a teenage guest from Yunnan who moved the audience with her testimony. She shared about how she had acid thrown on her face when she was a young girl, but through the support of missionary doctors who did her surgery for free and coming to know the Lord, she found the courage to face the world again.

Dr. David Cheong, the outgoing longstanding treasurer, presented the accounts and budget, and encouraged us to play our part in supporting CMDF financially.

Our Chaplain Rev. (Dr.) Tan Soo Inn then elucidated the concept behind our new Mission Statement: That CMDF is an evangelical fellowship of dentists and doctors committed to mobilise, equip and guide the dental and medical community to be servants of God’s Kingdom for the glory of God.

We also went home encouraged and spurred on by what Dr. Chris Gnanakan expounded, and that is “what we become through what we do is more important than what we do”. To listen, believe, love, serve, hope  – that, in essence, is the beautiful simplicity of what we are called to do.




CMDF Medical Prayer Meeting

by Dr. Goh Siew Hor



The importance of prayer was driven home at CMDF’s first Prayer Fellowship meeting on the evening of July 2. Members of the new leadership team, representatives from Healthcare Christian Fellowship (HCF) and Campus Crusade were part of the prayer meeting.


Dr. Goh Wei Leong led us through a time of reflection, thanksgiving and prayer. Based on Ps 47, he reflected on commemorating the past, celebrating the present and anticipating the future of the CMDF. We looked back with gratitude as senior members recounted how CMDF grew from three to what it is today. Many ongoing and new initiatives were also shared. And there was a sense of excitement just knowing what God can do through us when we choose to humble ourselves and seek His face.


As the new leadership team works toward addressing complex medical ethic issues and Christian witness at the workplace, we believe praying together becomes even more crucial. It is through the posture of prayer that we acknowledge our incapacity to act apart from His strength and guidance. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey of prayer with us! 



Connecting the Mission Potentials

by Ms. Shirley Lee



Just to hear You say, ‘well done’ !


Different journeys, different stories to tell; yet, all with the desire to finally hear the Lord say, “well done, my good and faithful child”.


At a farewell dinner for Dr. Jeffrey, Dr. Wei Leong also used the opportunity to connect the mission potentials with the missionaries.

Says Dr. Kelvin, “Medical missions is merely a tool.  When we go to heaven, what’s important is God’s Word and His people.“  Adds Dr. Richard , “It’s not how many miles away from Singapore but being aware that our lives on earth is transient.  As such, we must be careful how we spend our time.”  Asked what is one advice he would give aspiring missionaries, his answer was  “Be faithful to the Lord!”


The medical students went home with a different mindset on what serving the Lord in the mission field is about – ultimately, it is not the place, but the heart’s response to the Lord that matters. Perhaps, Deborah a fourth-year medical student sums it up best. “ When the Lord calls, He gives us the grace to leave everything and to go to the nation.  Otherwise, wherever we are, that is our mission field.”



Six Paradigm Shifts in Medical Missions

by Ms. Shirley Lee



Suffering is a gift!  And that healing does not come from an individual doctor, but a community, were just some fodder for thought  Dr. Chris Gnanakan dished out on the "six paradigm shifts" for a group of doctors on July 25.


The six paradigm shifts are From Patients as Customers to Patients as Guests,  From Curing to Healing, From Individual to Community, From Pain to Suffering (Suffering is a gift to be appreciated), Transcendent God to Imminent God, From Passive Sufferer to Active Participant.  


Says Dr. Goh Siew Hor: "The discussion focuses on adopting Kingdom values rather than an instruction of what to do in individual circumstances. Values are not something that will necessarily translate to a to-do list at the next day of work. Many times on the contrary, it leaves us with more questions than answers, as Chris aptly puts it. And this is perhaps where I begin to understand how God uses tensions we have to live with in order to grow our faith and shape our character into the likeness of His Son.” 


All the doctors agree with Dr. Goh Wei Leong’s comment that such times of reflection and reminders are necessary since Kingdom values often times take a season of working out before the fruits can be manifested. 


Houseman's Dinner

by Dr. Oh Ting Ting



Labour day saw a small group of 30 coming together at  HealthServe. We came to mingle, share and pray with the final-year medical students who have just completed their MBBS and were about to embark on a new road. Housemanship beckons for them and the seniors were there to lend advice, encourage and celebrate God's faithfulness. Practical tips and inspirational testimonies were shared. The students shared their fears and reservations, but with prayers, support and advice, hearts, minds and faith were renewed by the time the evening came to a close.



Karunya Team's BBQ Dinner

by Dr. Raj


Some 15 volunteers and friends of Karunya Clinic gathered at Dr. Goh Wei Leong’s home May 9 for a barbecue dinner and an exhortation from Rev. Malcom Tan. The group comprised of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, students and other volunteers.

We delved deeper into Matthew 25's account of the judgement of “the sheep and the goats”.  We noted the six groups of needy people Jesus identifies with: the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick and those in prison.  We reflected on its bearing on our ministry in the Karunya clinic and in our everyday lives, and were challenged by Mother Theresa's understanding of ministry to the poor and the needy as ministry to Jesus himself.


The Karunya Clinic in Little India opens its doors every Thursday 7-9pm and Sunday 5-8pm, serving primarily South Asian construction workers with primary health problems.  Volunteers are welcome!


Dental Prayer Fellowship Takes Flight !

by Dr. Goh Siew Hor


At our monthly dental prayer fellowship in June, Dr. David Cheong was invited to share about the beginnings of the Dental Prayer Fellowship. When he first graduated many years ago, the Christian dentists wanted a platform to meet and encourage each other in the journey of faith.  However, this initial attempt did not go past four meetings.


The burden to help young Christian dentists run their race continued to remain in his heart and the Fellowship finally kickstarted in 2002 with only two members, him including! This continued for almost up to a year. But the fellowship persisted and gradually, the numbers grew and one particular meeting even saw about 30 joining in.


At the meeting, young dentists asked Dr. David Cheong how he keeps the flame alive and remains faithfully serving till this day. His response was clear, “There is no better time to serve the Lord. If we wait till a better time for our career to be established, children to grow up etc, chances are we will not do it at all.”


I believe if we’re willing to serve Him, He will make straight the path for us. And He will grant us the grace to labour in His harvest field where wages paid are in the eternal weight of glory!

2 Chronicles 28:9,10


M2: Doctors & Students Gathering

by Ms Tan Wai Jia


The past few M3 student-doctor gatherings kicked off with the vision of building long-term relationships between Christian doctors and students. Now that the M2s are entering their clinical years, they hope to keep their fellowship alive through such gatherings. At their very first M2 doctor-student gathering on April 16, here’s what two students, Andrew and Grace, have to say:


Andrew: As second-year medical students moving on to our third year, there’s a gigantic leap from lecture-style learning to clinical and bedside lessons. We juniors hear stories of how people become confused and lost in wards, not knowing what to expect. A fellow medical student Grace approached me, suggesting a seniors-cum-doctors gathering to prepare our fellow batch mates for whatever excitement (or horror) to expect. There was one slight problem – we were slightly more than a week away from the proposed gathering date. At such short notice, chances of inviting any doctors or seniors were very slim. Which busy doctor would be able to afford one weekend night off at just a week’s notice?

How very wrong I was. God proved His faithfulness once again. We were not only able to invite four seniors, but also three doctors, Dr. Wong L C, Dr. Raj, and Dr. King-Hee to speak to us. We were greatly blessed by their knowledge, advice and sharing.

The evening was a time of lessons learnt and to be learnt. We were greatly encouraged that there are fellow medical brothers and sisters who care and help us in our own journey to serve Him in the medical field.

Grace: I found the sharing to be very insightful and powerful, especially on how clinical years in the wards are akin to attending the best bible college, where the experiences and people you meet will help you grow in your faith and knowledge of God. Pray for our Christian fellowship as we strive to meet weekly in our individual hospitals, and also for doctor mentors to be available to guide us on this journey.


E2S AfterGlow

by Ms Wong Wei Teen



On June 20, four M4s shared about their electives experiences in India (CMC Vellore, Manali & Assam, CFH Oddanchatram) and China (Yunnan) to some M3s, covering aspects of clinical involvement as well as God’s leading through cross-cultural experiences, and the convictions we returned home with.


Dr. David Tay encouraged us to embrace these experiences, and urged the M3s to take up similar electives. It was a blessed time of fellowship, as the session concluded with Mr. Lawrence Ko reiterating the importance of cross-cultural communications and left us with deeper insights to the mission field.



Seeking Mentorship

by Ms. Tan Wai Jia


Due to H1NI, our fourth student-doctor gathering got postponed, and was nearly cancelled altogether. As many of our regular doctors had gone back to the army, there were not many who were able to attend the meeting. We also had difficulty looking for a suitable speaker; and though Dr. Tan Siew Pin had opened up her home to us, its location might deter students from travelling all the way there after a long day.


But on June 23, my worries were unfounded. We had one of the largest turnouts that evening. In the beautiful, spacious premises of Dr. Tan Siew Pin’s home, Dr. Tan Soo-Inn and his wife Bernice, Drs. Alan, Gwen and Kayla (Dr Tan Siew Pin’s friend who is studying at bible school) shared their lives and prayed with us.


We were blessed by Dr. Gwen’s sharing about Christian competence and compassion. Not only did we have an opportunity to ask questions which had disturbed us during our psychiatric postings (how do you share Christ with a mentally-ill patient?), we also gleaned nuggets of wisdom from Dr. Gwen’s homily. Her sharing from 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 reminded us that our ultimate comfort comes from God, and that same comfort which we must experience through suffering before we can share our compassion with others.


The student ministry of CMDF is still working on establishing and encouraging doctor-student mentorships and we hope that as we continue to meet regularly, we may grow together as a strong community of faith even as we journey together in medicine.



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For sharing of contemplative
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Two new postings on  Contemplation...

“Find Us Faithful” 

“Take Me Deeper”

by  Dr. Lionel Lee


Dr. Chris Gnanakan and family,

with his chairman,

Pastor Jerry Mick and

Mrs. Jane Mick

in Singapore last month. 


It was our privilege to have

Dr. Chris Gnanakan facilitate

a discussion and forum on the

“Six Paradigm Shifts in

Medical Missions”.



His fluently spoken Mandarin will stump those who meet Dr. Diarra

for the first time. And that's not

all – the West African national

is also trained in TCM.


For many of us who are familiar

with Dr. Diarra, we know his penchant for all things Chinese stems from his years as a doctor

in China. 


Recently, he visited us at

HealthServe and also dropped

in at the Thrift Shop.

Dr. Diarra's visit perked up the evening of the Chinese migrant workers who were at the

Welcome Centre. They crowded around him, conversing

animatedly with him like

old friends    








Dr. Revathi Selwyn from Linking Hands (India) visited us while she was in Singapore attending a conference. 




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August 15, Saturday



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XIV World Congress
ICMDA 2010

You are warmly invited to the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA) XIV World Congress to be held, God willing, for first time in South America. It will be in the beautiful seaside resort of Punta del Este, Uruguay, from July 1-8,  2010.

Punta del Este - Uruguay 
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Students & Junior Graduates World Conference 
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ICMDA  World Congress
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Date:  October 4-8



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