Dear friends,


Navigating the changing seas of the world in our island state today can be tricky. Headlines reek of scandals; religious, political and medical too. This is the ocean that our newly graduated house officers have to steer into. Our chaplain Soo Inn reminds us all that the 3Cs of communing with God, community of believers and co-labouring with God is central in our walk.


Do join us for our Annual Fellowship Meeting where we will explore 'Climatic Changes and Career Calling'. Let's pray that we will catch the wind of God while charting the course with issues of integrity, vocation and the residency program. And to further equip us, there is the Community Health Evangelism Course open this week.


May we like the psalmist be able to say amidst the challenges of the changing healthcare system 'My steps have held to your paths, my feet have not stumbled'.









CMDF Annual Fellowship Meeting 2012


Facing winds of change in your workplace? Whether it be cross-cultural colleagues, campus chaos or Christian challenges, come for a thought-provoking time where Christian students, nurses and doctors gather to discuss their Christian call to the healthcare profession admidst the challenges of the changing healthcare system.


Date: 14 July 2012

Time: 1:30pm - 4pm

Venue:To be advised. Contact admin@cmdf.org.sg for more details.

Speaker: Dr Louis Sutton (Director, WEC International)

Topic: Climate Change, Career Calling



MMF Golf Tournament & Fund-Raising Dinner 2012

The annual Medical Missions Foundation golf tournament and fund-raising dinner is happening on 27 June 2012. If you would like to participate in the golf tournament or book a table for the dinner, please contact Michelle at admin@cmdf.org.sg. For more info, please click here.

Date: Wed 27 June 2012

Time: 1:30pm (shotgun start), 7pm (dinner)

Venue: Singapore Island Country Club (180 Island Club Road, Singapore 578774)

Guest Of Honour & Missions Speaker: Dr Andrew Ng Kang Chin

Topic: Surgery In Sub-Sahara Africa



Community Health Evangelism Course - 21 & 25 May 2012

HCF (international) has joined with Community Health Evangelism(CHE) Global to reach out to others with a heart of reaching communities in developing countries by meeting their needs in healthcare. It is a powerful platform to demonstrate the love of Christ and a platform to proclaim Him, for it must be evident that it would be the love of Christ that should compel us.

It targets both layman and professional as it deals with vision and methodology to move communities for the common good in the area of healthcare. It is not focused on the area of rescue or crisis but one of progressive development in a community. Please perhaps consider those in your network who may benefit and become sharpened arrows for His good purposes in your community and beyond. Registration is via online @ http://chemsing.projectcaremc.org.

Date: 21 - 25 May 2012
Venue: Cornerstone Community Church (11 East Coast Road), Theatre 1, Level 2



Meet Our Housemen - 1 May 2012

CMDF welcomed 26 new House Officers into the Fellowship on May Day. They met with 15 other doctors over afternoon tea, which was generously hosted at the home of Prof London Ooi.

Swopping stories over food and drinks, our junior doctors were armed with a message that Housemanship was to be a test of one’s character. Even then, they readily shared practical and spiritual tips that helped them through their year of housemanship.

What quickly emerged from the sharing of the incoming House Officers was that many of them were most fearful of “killing a patient”. Others were fearful of losing their close walk with Christ. To this, Dr Tan Soo Inn responded with the 3Cs of maintaining constancy during the transitions of our lives. These are Communing with God daily, being with the Community of believers and Co-labouring with God in the work that is given to us. He then prayed and commissioned them.

We would like to thank our doctors who made this gathering possible. Special thanks do to Dr. Jaryl Kok who sponsored copies of “Doctors Life Support II” to be distributed to each of the House Officers.




rededication 3



CMDF Annual Re-Dedication Service 2012


On Thursday 12th January 2012, 40 to 50 doctors, dentists, medical and dental students, met at the St Andrew's Cathedral to re-dedicate themselves for their Lord's service in 2012.


Dr Goh Wei Leong exhorted us to prayer and contemplation. Speaking on Psalm 1 and Psalm 82:2-4, on the topic "Open to the World, Responding to the Cry". He emphasised on the need for contemplation and communion with the Lord in prayer for all the activities. Dr Goh cited the setting up of HealthServe as an example of how prayer gave a vision for action. Prayer strengthened the Will for costly engagement. Prayer provided Sustenance to continue when so little seemed to change. It was prayer that brought a group of doctors to respond to the needs of the foreign workers in the area. It was a costly engagement that took 4 years before the project made a difference. It was sustained and will continue through prayer. Responding to the message, groups of 3 to 4 persons shared and reflected on "one blessing in 2011 and one concern for 2012", and prayed for continued contemplation and prayer to bring us through 2012 engaged in His Purpose for His Glory. - Dr Eileen Aw


"I am glad to have the opportunity of attending this year’s CMDF Re-Dedication Service. It was a memorable and reflective service. As we sang songs of praise to the Lord, I could feel the presence of the Lord in our midst and I enjoyed meditating on the meaningful words of the songs sang - "How Great Thou Art" and "Great is the Lord". The sharing by Dr Goh Wei Leong reminded me of the importance of prayer. Indeed, it is through prayer that God reveals to us his vision, insight and purpose so that we know what to do, we are motivated and empowered with His strength and will power to fulfil what He has called us to do. I pray that with God’s help, I will wait upon Him for direction in the year ahead, obey him and depend on the Holy Spirit in everything that I do to fulfil my calling and his redeeming purpose in my life." - Ms Rachel Ng (DUKE-NUS student)




Missionaries & Mission Potentials (MPs) Gathering - 23 February 2012


It was a very engaging meeting at Dr Goh's home on February 23. The gathering was relaxing and informal with good food and sharing from Dr Matthew Koh on his personal struggles as well as God’s blessings upon his life as a missionary doctor. It was humbling to hear the life stories of this man and his family. Despite the circumstances and challenges life threw at him, I saw God’s love in his eyes; I saw God’s faith in his eyes. The real Gospel in action. - Dr Irene Hii





Open House - 25 February 2012


A Singapore MP was recently alleged to be involved in an extramarital affair. A gospel singer who struggled with drug addiction. A President's son was caught entering another country with a false passport. What about the vices we face in our lives? Speaking unkindly about other colleagues and going beyond the speed limit on the highways?


17 students and 3 doctors discussed the importance of maintaining Christian integrity in our lives. We learnt that the words of Paul in Titus challenges us to live a saved life because it is the means by which the world can see that our God saves. If we live as the world does, then our witness of God is compromised. Titus 3:1 exhorts us to remember the 7 virtues which is our duty - "Remind them to be subject to rulers and authorities, to obey, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to be peaceable, gentle, showing all humility to all men."


The dinner event was hosted at the home of Dr Lim Poh Lian and her husband Vong - we are indeed grateful for their hospitality! - Dr Darryl Chew




Issachar Forum - Open Eyes In A Darkened Room

Time: 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Venue: 420 North Bridge Road #05-04 North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727

For registration, please email gcfsing@gcf.org.sg

12 Angry Men (19 May 2012, Saturday)

X-Men: First Class (16 June 2012, Saturday)



ICMDA Lebanon Historical Tour

Have you ever imagined visiting the country of intersection between Asia, Europe & Africa where not only the geography meets but also the 3 different cultures. Spend a week like no other and leave with a lifetime memory inspiring you to be back. The ICMDA Lebanon Historical Tour is happening from 1 – 7 October 2012. For more details, please visit: www.icmda.net



Biomedical Ethics Seminar

A biomedical ethics seminar by Dr Alex Tang, a Consultant Paediatrician from Malaysia, was held on 17 March. It attracted Christians from various backgrounds and not just those from the medical fraternity, reflecting the importance the general public places on such issues. How then as Christian medical and dental professionals are we to respond to such issues which we may one day have to confront with our patients or even a church member asking for advice?

From issues pertaining to the beginning of life (abortion, assisted reproduction) to the end of life (euthanasia, palliative care), Dr Tang applied a pastoral-theological framework to navigate through these controversial issues and arrive at a biblically based conclusion. Do click on the following link to read more about this framework and other interesting reading on stem cell research, artificial reproductive techniques, etc @ http://www.kairos2.com/articles%20bioethics_archives.htm.







Mercy Ministry - A Glorious Medical Mission to Negros Oriental

It is my joy to reaffirm our thankfulness and gratitude for all your prayers that followed us to Negros Oriental and brought about God’s blessings on the team. It was not a walk in the park as for one, the journey was long and tiring; Having to fly first to Bacolod in Negros Occidental (the western part of Negros island, which for the non-Filipino is an island adjacent to Cebu island in the cluster of islands known as Visayas between the main island of Luzon and Mindanao). The long drive from Bacolod to Guihulngan was across the scenic mountain range with an active volcano nearby. Guihulngan was the epicentre of the Feb 7th R 6.9 earthquake and many people were made homeless and in need of medical help.

Our medical team comprised 5 doctors including dependable Dr. Lam and Dr. Wong from SJSM. There was 2 Indonesian doctors plus myself, a pharmacist from Mt. Alvernia, another from HSA and Kum Seng as well as a nurse both from SJSM. My deputy indispensable, was John Tang, from UOB..

We started off working with a Filipino medical mission organisation, but as they had a different program we had to break away and conduct the clinics on our own, which initially looked dubious without their support but God provided for all the help we needed with an outpouring of pastors from 23 different denominations who were alerted to our clinics by the local radio station and by sms. We had no lack of interpreters, and the pastors provided counseling and prayers for each and every patient.

We surprised ourselves by seeing more patients than we thought we could cope and had to refill our pharmacy with medication because of the large turn-out. In 5 working days we saw about 2,500 patients about 1,800 were seen when we went about the clinics on our own.

I know that all this is not possible by our strength alone but only by the strength of God. We also expect miraculous healings and will await progress reports from the field. - Dr. Tan Hun Hoe



Project Phethcabun

Hearts laden with despair, our eyes welled with tears as we watched Hunted Like Animals on arrival in Phetchabun, a documentary detailing the oppression of the Hmong people by the Laotian army. The Hmong people are the second largest hill tribe in Thailand, with a significant proportion of them comprising Laotian refugees fleeing persecution from the Pathet Lao for their involvement in the Vietnam War. A marginalized population, many are denied official identification or citizenship, stripping them of healthcare, education, employment and other basic necessities of life.

We first launched Project Phethcabun in June 2011 in collaboration with RADION International, a Thai Christian non-governmental organisation (NGO), in a bid to serve the Hmong communities of Phetchabun, Thailand. In line with our long-term plans, our goals for the December 2011 trip included: running acute clinics in a primary care setting, screening and management of acute and chronic diseases, house visits for incapacitated patients, village and school education, and community involvement.

Throughout the 11 days of ministering, our team witnessed firsthand the smiles of appreciation from the brothers and sisters, coupled with various life-changing experiences for both the Hmong people and us. Indeed, it is as we sow the seeds in the Hmong community that we felt thoroughly blessed both back home and with the providence throughout the trip. The rewarding experience left us humbled, our hearts brimming with joy and love for the Hmong people.

With the completion of yet another fruitful trip, our team and RADION are currently working on involving other medical teams such as nursing and dentistry - with the aim of establishing long-term sustainability and broadening our scope of rendered aid. Project Phetchabun requires both funding and an enthusiastic medical team for our future ventures. Hence, if you are keen on novel experiences and have a heart for rural communities, or wish to offer much-needed monetary aid, please do contact us at projectphetchabun2012@gmail.com. - Sharon Tan




Dr Herng Der Chern, CMDF (Taiwan) and Dr Deepak Abraham, EMFI (India) visited us on 27 March and had the opportunity to join a group of people for an orientation of the work at HealthServe including a visit to a worker dormitory.




siew hor

Dental Prayer Fellowship

Not too long ago, I was having lunch with my medical director. He was sharing about an incident involving a House Officer. This HO had just received his pay slip and after looking at the amount, he thanked the director. After which, he commended the nurses who worked with him and asked if we could introduce incentives to reward the nurses. Out of curiosity, I inquired further on his background. I found that he came from an average family and was known to frequently stay behind to help colleagues finish up for the day.

This story left a deep impression because it is very rare for junior doctors to be primarily concerned about the welfare of others without regard to themselves. More often, doctors would first comment about their own pay and working conditions. Very rarely, would someone remember something positive about their nurses when addressing their own interest, much less speak out for them.

"Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each other esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others." (Philippians 2:3&4 , NKJV)

Our theme for last year was to love God and to love our neighbors. In the story of the good Samaritan, Jesus highlights that having an official title or religion stated as "christian" does not automatically make us good neighbors. In this instance, the House Officer mentioned earlier was not a Christian but he was definitely a good neighbor to those whom he came to contact with.

To love others as God loves us sometimes requires sacrificing our own interests for the sake of others. As dental students, are we concerned about whether our friends are alright when we have our own schedules to be concerned about? As junior dental officers, is our main concern to maximize our career and financial objectives, or do we also remember that there are disadvantaged patients to be served in public institutions.

May the Lord grant us the wisdom and courage to examine ourselves and trust that He provides even as we serve others. - Dr Goh Siew Hor



Updates From The Field

Hello again! I’ve been back in China for a little more than two months after spending a glorious 6 weeks back home in hot and humid Singapore. It’s funny to discover how much you love home after you’ve been away. Maybe it is especially so if you’ve been away to somewhere starkly different from home.

I must confess that since getting back, I’ve often been assailed by thoughts of “What am I doing here?” and “Why am I subjecting myself to this lifestyle?” Of course the textbook answer will be “God wants me to be here.” Honestly it is easy to say that, but it’s another thing altogether to believe that with all your heart when you’re all alone with get gastric flu, get chilblains and elbowed in the bus and spit at etc.

Therefore I was most encouraged when I read this in “The Cost of Discipleship” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “Jesus asks nothing of us without giving us the strength to perform it. His commandment never seeks to destroy life, but to foster, strengthen and heal it. And if we answer the call to discipleship, where will it lead us? What answers and partings will it demand? To answer this question, we shall have to go with Him, for only He knows the answer.

Only Jesus Christ, who bids us follow Him, knows the journey’s end. But we do know that it will be a road of boundless mercy. Discipleship means joy.” Yes, that is discipleship. I do not know, but He does! What a wonderful assurance! It is certainly not as easy to be away at this point in time, with my brother-in-law being away and with my mum seemingly less independent than before. However, I can rest in His sovereignty and trust in His plan.

Clinic seems busier than before I left, which is a good thing. To raise the profile of the clinic, a colleague and I are hoping to start giving some health talks at a local retirement club. Of course it will be in Chinese so will sincerely desire your prayers. Anticipating with trepidation the day when my boss leaves for home and thinking that I really need tons of wisdom to manage people. The balance between being kind and instilling good work ethics is something I find difficult to do. Maybe I’m just overly anxious but do pray for wisdom for me. - Dr Soh Ling Ling



A Triubte To Prof Khoo Oon Teik

Our brother Prof Khoo Oon Teik rests from his many years of labour for the Lord. I knew him as a medical student, he spoke at my wedding, I was a Houseman in his Department of Medicine, a member of the Senior Common room of King Edward 7 Hall of Residence for medical and dental students while he was Master of the Hall. His was a remarkable career by any standards.

He leaves behind a rich legacy of good works which continue to bring comfort and relief to people who suffer from kidney failure. He was concerned that Christians should remain loyal to teachings of the Word of God. This concern was in response tothe encroachment of liberal theology into the church in those days. This marked all his activities such as his life-long association with the Scripture Union.

Like all of us, Prof Khoo was not without his failings. If anything he stretched himself thin by sitting on many committees, as he once confessed to me. It was jokingly remarked that his office in Medical Unit 2, SGH where he was Professor of Medicine and Head for many years, was the Scripture Union office. There were also lapses in his attention to immediate matters. Students recount how he would appear to be asleep during a case presentation. He was headstrong on a number of things which was a virtue when it came to making hard decisions. But he was not always politically correct, nor did he chose to be. And this did not go down too well with the Establishment.

He passed through dry periods in his spiritual life but the Lord gave him relief And reinvigoration through a filling of the Holy Spirit. There was sadness in his life too in the deaths of his beloved wife, D, as he affectionately called her, and later of his son, Walter. Then he himself was to be physically disabled for over a decade. At this point we must pay tribute to Lay Kian, Walter’s wife, who took such faithful, good care of him till the end.

As I thought on Prof Khoo’s eventful life I am reminded of the apostle, Paul and what he wrote in his second letter to the Corinthian church. In his letter Paul speaks much of his sufferings, especially in chapters 4, 6 and 11. At his conversion the Lord had said, “I will show him how much he must suffer for my name”. He did suffer much for his Lord. Paul had this amazing endurance for he sang even when he was in prison as Acts 16:25 tells us.

Paul describes his list of difficulties vividly like this: afflicted, but not crushed perplexed, but not driven to despair, persecuted, but not forsaken, struck down but not destroyed.

We may wonder sometimes why the Lord allowed His servant to go through such testings and trials. We would think that he could have served the Lord more efficiently if he had allowed his pathway to be free of troubles. But the Bible tells us that the very opposite. God, in His marvellous wisdom, sees fit to allow His servants to be touched by sickness, sorrow, difficulties and distresses.

The reason is given us in verse 7. God does not want men to be occupied with the human instrument, but rather with His own power and greatness. All praise and glory, as our brother Oon Teik would want us to know, must go to the Creator and .not to the creature

Our brother Prof Khoo has gone on to glory to join that vast throng of witnesses that the book of Hebrews speaks about in chapetr 12 : 1. He would want us to echo the words of that faithful servant, Paul, who wrote in Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” - Dr Aw Swee Eng






Lebanon Summer Medical Mission Outreach 2012 - 31 May to 4 June

It's time again for the annual Lebanon Summer Medical Mission Outreach! This is the 3rd year we will be partnering with the Lebanese medical ministry to hold free mobile clinics in the men's & women's jail as well as having a training seminar conducted by Rev Victor Pandian.

To those of you who have joined us for previous trips and upheld us in prayer, our heartfelt thanks. We have seen how God has blessed and grown the ministry, with the local lebanese nurses and doctors now actively taking charge and organizing quarterly mobile clinics. More healthcare people are joining in and many people's lives are being touched and blessed.

We hope that you will be able to join us for this up-coming trip on 31 May to 4 June. Please do let your friends know, especially Doctors and nurses who might be interested to join in this trip. For enquiries, please email Dr Dora Cheong at: doracheongfs@gmail.com.



Opportunities For Workers in Central Asia

A Special Talk for medical personnel who are interested in long term frontline medical mission work in Central Asia.

Date: 14 June 2012.

For more details, please contact: Michelle (65) 82989595.





Book Review - "Raising The Dead" by Chauncey Crandall

On the 20th of October 2006, Jeff Markin walked into the ER in a Florida hospital and collapsed of a Massive MI. The doctors persisted in resuscitation but he was eventually declared dead. Jeff is alive and well today, because Dr Chauncey Crandall obeyed God’s call to pray and manage him.

This is the gripping journey of a Yale trained cardiologist on how he discovered the power of prayer and the reality of miracles in this present day. As a Christian, a doctor and a parent, the book touches very close to home. It clarifies, teaches through experience and motivates me a Christian physician parent how powerful Christ is in our lives and work place. It is a book which moves and changes your perspective in practice, yet, in an exciting page turning read, races you from one life experience and lesson to another. Highly recommended!



Luke's Journal

Luke’s Journal is published four times a year by the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia Inc. (CMDFA). The views expressed in the articles are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the CMDFA.

CMDF Australia has kindly allowed us to distribute their publication to our members. The latest issue, Vol. 17, No. 1 - April 2012, and is now available for download in the PDF format at our website at: www.cmdf.org.sg/publications.php