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Dear brothers and sisters,


2010 has been a year of surprises and also the routine for the CMDF, transforming the present and also the future.


Our involvement in the struggles of the world, from the earthquake in Haiti to the pain we face locally like hearing of the tragic news of a final year student who took his own life a few months ago, has deepened our fellowship.


These global and local encounters have the potential to reshape our Christian response to critical issues like poverty, justice, medical ethics, migration and even the environment - from a perspective of those who are struggling and hurting, rather than those who have a vested interest in domination.


Global migration has meant that many of us have come across patients, who are exploited migrant workers, whilst working alongside international colleagues from India, Philippines and Poland just to name a few.


And there are other encouraging signs - Students and doctors are seeking mentors and deep spiritual friendships; Two of our doctors are leading a team with our partner organization HealthServe to start a community clinic for migrants in Jurong; Young MOs and DOs are taking time off to equip themselves and approaching seniors to pray and discuss their missions future; Some doctors are looking into ways of ministering to new internationals in our midst. The list goes on…


Thanks again for being a part of this adventure in active participation, fervent prayer and generous support. Do join us as we come together as a community for the coming re-dedication service on Thursday 13 Jan 2011 where Chung Kai will be sharing.


God is moving!









UPCOMING: CMDF Re-Dedication Service - 13 January 2011

An annual personal and corporate reflection and re-dedication service that helps us re-align our lives in Jesus. To RSVP, please email or contact Michelle (HP: 82989595).

Date: Thursday 13 January 2011
Time: 7pm
Venue: Church Of Our Saviour (130 Margaret Drive Level 3, Room 308)
Speaker: Rev Dr Chua Chung Kai



Retreat dinner2

CMDF Annual Dinner


More than 250 people, including foreign doctors, medical students, supporters and friends, attended the CMDF Annual Dinner held at the NUSS Guild Hall on 6 November.

The theme for the event was "International Night" and it was a time to pay tribute and be thankful for the diversity of nationalities that make up the international medical community here in Singapore.


Dr Dora Cheong shared about her life-changing stint in Lebanon. Dr Jason Yap facilitated an interview with foreign doctors and student - Prof Einar Wilder-Smith, Dr Ranjana and Ms Deborah Lee – and we were given an insight into the joys, challenges and experience of living in Singapore. Speaker Rev Dr Tan Soo-Inn gave a thought-provoking and inspiring message about true friendship in our fast-paced world, reminding us that time and intentionality are critical aspects of growing spiritual friendships.


Go to for more photos. Watch an excerpt of Rev Dr Tan's message below:









Medical Missions Foundation


It’s the 7th straight year that the Medical Missions Foundation (MMF) had been able to support our fulltime medical/dental missionaries. Through your help and contributions, we have steadily increased the annual grants from $21,000 (in 2004) to $184,000 (2009). MMF is a trust deed set up in 2003 by CMDF as an avenue for home-based doctors to come alongside those in the field. Right now, there are 16 Singaporean medical/dental missionary doctors actively serving in needy countries and poor communities, with some on training courses or home assignment.


We are pleased to report that this year, MMF has disbursed $193,000 as a gesture of our medical fraternity’s support for their work and sacrificial calling. MMF supports all Singaporean Christian doctors serving fulltime overseas. So if you know of anyone planning to go into long-term missions or currently serving in the field, please contact us. - Dr Chua Choon Lan




Helping Migrants And The Marginalised

This Christmas, think about a gift to help the migrants and the marginalized community in Singapore. HealthServe, our partner organization, is embarking on three new projects in the coming year. The first is a new Welcome Centre at Jalan Papan that seeks to bridge the community of Indian, Bangladeshi and Burmese workers residing at the Avery Lodge Domitories. The second is the HealthServe Community Clinic in Jurong scheduled to begin operations from 9 January 2011 led by Drs Peter Goh and Tan Hui Hoon. The third is the Geylang Food Project, which hopes to provide free meals to distressed migrant workers.


Cheques can be written to “HealthServe Ltd” and mailed to Geylang Post Office PO Box 057, Singapore 913802.




Medical Sunday - 17 Ocober 2010

The Healthfield is a wide territory that encompasses multi disciplines throughout Singapore. Annually, St Andrew’s Cathedral marks St Luke’s Day (18 October) by incorporating it with their Sunday service at 5.00 pm and is entitled “Medical Sunday”.


Both SACS & SAMH jointly hosted this special event. Invitation was extended to doctors, nurses (of all levels), therapists and social workers from SLH, All Saints Home, HCF, networks of Medical Sunday and CMDF. This year the parishes also invited their young people, currently pursing medical, physiotherapy, radiology, and other disciplines at ITE, Polytechnic, JC and university, to attend.


The event was a platform for the medical, paramedics and nursing fraternity to gather together for fellowship and to renew their profession as a sacred vocation and calling from God. To further renew their commitment, Rev Canon Wong Tak Meng, Senior Chaplain of Singapore Anglican Community Services and St Andrew’s Mission Hospital (SACS/SAMH) spoke on “Serving the Community: An Expression of Christian Devotion”.


In his message, Rev Wong emphasized on the common purpose of the medical profession and to avoid living a life that’s fragmented into public and private areas. Medical professionals should recognize that their God-given skills, knowledge and expertise be offered as WORSHIP unto the Lord, just as flipping an omelette on the frying pan is also worship. He encouraged them to see Jesus in the lives of the patients and love them as Jesus loves during their course of work. Their faith would enable them to serve the sick, needy and lost with a willing heart and servant-like attitude all the days of their lives. Through such dedicated healthcare ministry the world will be touched and be transformed as Christians become the salt and light in healthcare. The promise of God in Isaiah 58 - “You will be called Repairers of Broken Walls…Restorer of Streets where People dwell” will become a reality in our society.


St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital Mobile Clinic - The Community project provided by St. Andrew’s Community Hospital and the Anglican Diocese of Singapore is commendable. They offer free consultations and basic medicine to the communities-in-need, namely the low income families living in rental HDB flat and the foreign workers living in dormitories, at their doorsteps. The mobile clinic is fully funded by donations and mainly manned by volunteers. There was also a display of the work of SACS/SAMH and the SAMH Mobile Medical Clinic at the site.( see attached). Indeed Medical Sunday should continue to be held annually to celebrate and re-evaluate our service to the Lord and to spur one another for His Glory. – Ms R Rajasvarey Mary




Open House - 9 October 2010

Open House once again strengthens the relationships and friendships amongst doctors and students over a good meal. As with all previous “Open House”, sharing our stories, praying and spurring each other on filled the evening with purpose and significance!



Beyond Our Shores




2010 DHR Award Winners

The "Dignity and Right to Health Award" is an activity of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association HIV Initiative. The award provides an essential opportunity to recognise, support and publicize the most outstanding role models and champions acting to stop this global epidemic. It is positioned as an important symbol for ensuring that voices from diverse communities and countries are acknowledged.

The HIV Initiative standing committee of the ICMDA Board is both honoured and priviledged to announce the joint winners of the 2010 DRH (Dignity and Right to Health) Award.

Dr Gisela Schneider - has worked for many years in West Africa, East Africa and now more recently in Europe. Working in multiple settings she has been and continues to be a strong advocate and role model for many through her excellence in several fields of the HIV challenge, including clinical work, community engagement and mobilisation, and teaching. Dr Schneider is an exceptional person who has demonstrated an incarnational ministry in Gambia and Uganda and now continues to seek to bring Christian healing and compassion to people in many other countries through the work of Difaem, the German Medical Missionary Association. Gisela continues as a great role model for all. Her work in the many fields of HIV medicine and community responses has been of the highest calibre.

Dr. Joseph, Kwong-Leung Yu - has done excellent work in both his home country of Taiwan and also for many years in the nation of Malawi. He energetically worked at setting up a model of how to eliminate discrimination and stigmatization of HIV/AIDS in the public domain. He actively participated with PLWHA groups to encourage and ensure the enhancement of public awareness. Dr Yu is an exceptional person whose ministry is growing. He now represents Kingdom values in many other countries as well as continuing to serve the people of Malawi as Director of the Rainbow clinic. He has established and strengthened a comprehensive multi-level program in an area of great need in Northern Malawi working closely with government and local church communities. A journal article on the challenges facing Malawi prisoners spoke to us of a Christian man with a great heart to better the lives of those who are marginalised and rejected by many.

Each year the standing committee, under the chairmanship and leadership of Dr Michael Burke (CEO - CMDF Australia), calls for nominations for this award. This year has been no exception in attracting exceptional nominations of persons who matched the award's criteria.



Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress On World Evangelisation

Drs Matthew Koh, Andrew Ng and Goh Wei Leong were privileged to be a part of some 4200 participants at the congress, perhaps the widest and most diverse gathering in the history of the Church. They met up with doctors from the Christian Medical Fellowship from South Africa as well as the ICMDA over meetings, meals and coffee. They had a fruitful time connecting with Drs Daryl Hackland (ICMDA), Jan Kunene (CMF South Africa), Peter Saunders (CMF UK), Chris Steyn (HCF) and many others. One significant meeting was “Theology and Health - Narrowing the Gap”.