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The different seasons of the CMDF calendar gives us a wonderful sense of rhythm in our busy lives as medical professionals. We're now in the season of engaging current issues and A/Prof Paul Tambyah opened this season with challenging real case studies at the AFM. It was an evening where the reality of marketplace Christian medical vocation came alive! To broaden our minds and hearts even further as we engage society, we have also subscribed quarterly issues of Luke's Journal (CMDF Australia) for our entire fellowship and all readers of REAL!


"Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out." Rom 12:2a (The Message).









CMDF Annual Fellowship Meeting


The AFM was held at St Andrew's Cathedral and we were blessed to have A/P Paul Anantharajah Tambyah challenging us to face the hot potatoes of our profession.


Matthew 19:16-28 shares of the rich young man who knew the laws well, but when it came to the the final call to follow Christ, he backed away. How often have we too backed away from the call to follow Christ? Through a time of discussion, we shared our Christian and professional struggles as we discussed 3 true cases Prof Tambyah shared. Many of us were challenged once again to make a stand for God.


"And Aaron took as Moses commanded, and ran into the midst of the congregation; and behold, the plague was begun among the people: and he put on incense, and made an atonement for the people. And he stood between the dead and the living; and the plague was stayed." - Numbers 16:47-48


Indeed, like the Lord called Mosess to stand in the gap, we too are called to be His holy priesthood and stand in the gap for Him. May we humble our hearts for the Lord to mould and refine and may the Lord grant us courage to run to the alter and wisdom to face our challenges. Let us carry our cross daily to follow Him! - Dr. Eugene Chua


It was my first time at a CMDF gathering. I found it extremely heart-warming to see so many committed Christian doctors, dentists, allied health personnel, even students and aspiring A'level graduates gathering together for worship and sharing on topics close to the hearts of healthcare personnel. It was indeed a blessing to be part of this extensive fellowship. I felt encouraged because I was not alone in my stand for Christ. I believe I can grow through accountability and fellowship in this ministry, and serve alongside fellow comrades in Christ with similar callings in the medical field. - Dr. Jonathan Lim



HealthServe Fund-Raising Dinner


The very first HealthServe fund-raising dinner will be held on 13 August 2011, 7pm at The Royal Ballroom at The Regent, Singapore. Join us for an evening of great food, music and stories around the table. The Guest-Of-Honour is Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for the Environment & Water Resources. Kindly RSVP by 23 July 2011. Please contact Jeffrey at 9768 5822 or email: jeffrey@healthserve.org.sg if you have any queries.


HealthServe has just been approved as an Institution of Public Character (IPC) from 15 July 2011. Your donations are tax-deductible at 2.5X the amount of donation made. Tax deduction receipts will be issued.





Go4th Missions Conference 2011


The tri-annual missions conference - Go4th was held on 26th to 28th May 2011 at the Singapore Expo Hall 3. Go4th is a National Missions Conference involving all denominations, all churches and all Christians from all walks of life. Its goal is to mobilize churches in Singapore for missions and is held once every three years since its launch in 2002. Dr Tan Hun Hoe shared at one of the workshop session on “Providing Medical Relief” where Natural disasters have a profound impact on health at all levels of a community. This workshop helps to determine the real health needs of the community and provide medical relief whether you are medical or non-medical personnel engaged in crisis relief work.




MMF Golf Tournament & Fund-Raising Dinner 2011

Some 15 doctors and dentists, together with their families, are currently serving full time as missionaries in third world countries, delivering much needed medical care, hope and the gospel to the poor and needy. Here in Singapore, many colleagues felt burdened to raise funds to supplement what little income these missionaries get from their churches, relatives and friends.

Each year, MMF embarks on a project to raise the necessary funds. This is done by organizing a golf tournament cum dinner. This year's event was held in Raffles Country Club on the 25th of May.

This year's champion golfer, Mr Vincent Teo, was presented with The Dr. Benjamin Chew Challenge Trophy. Dr. Lee Suan Yew, a prominent doctor and a committed Christian, was our guest of honour and Dr. Tan Lai Yong, a medical doctor who had spent 14years in China, shared with us his work and experiences living in Yunnan.

Many individuals and corporations generously showered us with donations in cash and kind. Others supported us by playing golf and participating in the dinner. We are most grateful for their kind support. The 7th Medical Mission Foundation Fund Raising Golf Tournament and Dinner was a great success and we raised almost $300,000. Praise be to our Lord. - Dr. James Chang Ming Yu, Chairman, MMF golf and dinner organizing commitee

To view photos of the event, click here.



Meet Our Housemen

On Monday, 2nd May 2011, Dr Tan Siew Pin graciously opened her home to us all as we welcomed a group of some 20 new house officers to the fellowship. They were, on the very next day, due to embark on their year-long rite of passage known as housemanship. As the house officers interacted with other doctors (of varying years of experience), a particular dentist and his lovely wife over tea and refreshments, their simultaneous apprehension and excitement at finally commencing their long awaited medical careers became more and more apparent.

Dr Eugene Chua, our newly minted Medical Officer (who had just completed his housemanship year) helped chair a time of sharing, reflection and prayer. Some recounted how God's faithfulness and mercy had given them strength and resilience to cope with the physical tiredness of housemanship. Others provided practical tips on how to maintain Godly sanity amidst the chaos of housemanship, such as by having a computer password that declared God's goodness, or a worship song as the ringtone for that frequently buzzing hospital handphone. All in all, it was indeed a blessed time of strenghthening, encouraging, and building up in faith for all who were gathered that afternoon.

At the invitation of our Chaplain, Dr Tan Soo Inn, the group of house officers shared that their chief concern for the year ahead, was really how to be a competent doctor and a testimony to patients, whilst keeping their walk with Him straight. In meeting this end, Dr Tan Soo Inn issued the following three challenges - first, to remain ever aware of ones foremost identity as a child of Christ; second, to retain good and faithful stewardship of money and finances; and finally, to overcome the busyness of life by creatively carving out moments of solitude. Such moments could then be spent exercising the spiritual disciplines, and for maintaining relationships of accountability with close spiritual friends. As they begin their housemanship, let us continue to pray for our house officers, wishing them every blessing and spiritual gift in the year ahead. - Dr. Jason Low



CMDF Annual Dinner Celebration

This year’s CMDF Annual Celebration Dinner will, once again, be at the NUSS Guild House, Guild Hall on 12 November 2011. For booking of tables, please email: admin@cmdf.org.sg




HCFI World conference, Manila (4 to 9 September 2011)

A snapshot view of the program is given below. The registration form can be downloaded from www.icmda.net.




ICMDA will run two 12-hour conferences on "Everyday Ethics" and "Leadership in Healthcare" over a 4-day period. Other partners will be running 12-hour conferences on other themes. The complete list is given below:


1. Biblical counseling in healthcare: Overseas Instruction on Counseling.

2. Ministry to patients and colleagues from two major religious groupings - Perold de Beer

3. Everyday ethics in healthcare - ICMDA

4. Ministry to and with children - Alicia Casas UY

5. Prayer for revival and transformation in healthcare - HCIC

6. international Saline Training of Trainers - International Health Services

7. Transforming healthcare education - PRIMTE

8. The art and science of spiritual care - Nurses Christian Fellowship

9. Leadership for revival and transformation in healthcare - ICMDA/NCFI




Karunya and HealthServe Volunteers' Celebration

All volunteers at Karunya and Healthserve Community Clinics are invited for a dinner celebration on Saturday 30 July at 6pm. Venue: 87A Dunbar Walk, Singapore 459396. Do join us if you would like to explore helping out at these two 'happening' clinics! Please RSVP by emailing to admin@cmdf.org.sg for catering purposes.





Project Phetchabun: Witnessing God’s Work Amongst the Hmongs

In July, a team of 8 NUS medical students, 1 nurse and 1 doctor partnered RADION (a small Christian organization) on a medical trip to the mountains of Phetchabun, which has the highest population of Hmongs, most of whom are escapees from Laotian’s army persecution. But to me, it was more than a typical humanitarian mission, more than setting up makeshift clinics in a zinc-roof, mud-floor village shed with no lighting, giving consultations or prescribing medicine.

Some of the poignant moments of the trip were watching a documentary “Hunted like animals” from an internet café (micro-business set up by RADION) on the atrocities committed against the Hmongs by the Laotian army. Eugene (the young missionary behind RADION) then recounted his testimony when he first started out 4 years ago, scrimping personal savings and donations to buy blankets for the Hmongs on the run in the jungle. When he presented the blankets to the Hmongs, they immediately broke down in tears because they’ve been praying for blankets from the Laotian government whom they hoped would grant them mercy, but never did they expect the blankets to come all the way from Singapore.

So began the work among the Hmongs, the tedious groundwork of cultivating love and trust, filled with disappointments (when kids run away from RADION back to their drug habits) and great “rewards”. “Rewards” such as rescuing an 8-year-old boy from glue-sniffing gangs, a 6-year-old from rape and abuse, and seeing the joy on the villages faces during the mass food distribution, where we gave out 500 bowls of hot noodles and 300 blankets goodie bags. At the StreetKids home, during mealtimes, these kids will help to lay out the cups, cutlery and dishes, followed by simple ‘regimental parade’ of falling in line and reciting Thai bible verses and saying grace. It’s hard to believe that there’s a story of unimaginable hurt behind every kid.

Of course, as medical students, we had our load of fun as well, helping to slaughter a 60kg wild boar at a farm (run by RADION for sustainability and outreach opportunity), going up muddy, treacherous mountain paths on 4WDs, catching chickens, riding a motorcycle, and most of all, having fun at StreetKids home, not with iPhone or facebook games, but playing with HUGE staghorn beetles, digging worms from the ground to feed 2 baby birds fallen from a tree, and having fun at a nearby lake. These fond memories will remain with me forever, and after seeing so many needs of this community, I’m sure I’ll be back sometime in future to help these people. - Teo Chee Yih Roger, year 4 YLL medical student

We would like to thank CMDF for your kind donation. We hope that you will continue to support RADION and its work among the Hmong people. Please visit http://radionjournals.blogspot.com/ if you have the time to find out how you can support RADION!


Back From Mozambique

Save for a few nasty leg abscesses from Mozambique, a fever and a snapped muscle because of the cold in Johanessburg, I am back in one piece! The trip to Mozambique to visit Arcos-Iris Ministries (www.irismin.org) has been amazing. Little did I know that Arcos-Iris is the local language for Rainbow! In light of my latest book, I just felt it was God's way of reminding me that he does have a hope and future for each of us! On my 3rd day there, I saw a rainbow in the sky! As Rainbow represents Hope, I know that my journey in my inner healing with God has only just begun. He has hope for all of us, orphans or not.

With a children's home, medical clinic, feeding programme, widow's programme, village outreach and many more, God opened my eyes to a holistic ministry which inspired and encouraged me greatly. So much happened in that little forgotten dirt village, and God is just pouring out His grace and love on a people who are so hungry, both spiritually and physically. In spite of this being my 12th mission trip, I have never seen such heartbreaking hunger in my life. On my last day before I left, one of the villagers working in the kitchen gave me her rainbow capulana (a traditional African dress) and it touched me immensely.

My stay was extended by 3 more days as my parents had lovingly sponsored an additional safari drive in Johanessburg for me. That was fun. I was incredibly touched and, after my stay in Mozambique, profoundly grateful for my parents.

I also want to share the good news that I just received my exam results. I passed decently, and also got accepted into the Residency Programme of my choice! Just want to thank you for all your prayer support and faith in me, without which I know the road wld have been a lot harder! Knowing how poorly I fared in my early medical school years because of my illness, and how (in a friend's words) "highly coveted" the spot I was selected into is, I know this is entirely God's grace and His blessing toward me. God is so faithful indeed. Thank you all for praying for me, for my exams and for my trip to Mozambique. God has impressed upon my heart to continue to serve Him in missions and medicine, and to seek Him first always. Love and blessings. - Wai Jia



Reflections from the Dental Prayer Fellowship

One thing that characterizes modern day city living is the amount of activity that we are constantly engaged in. We spend much of our time attending to the demands of family, work, ministry and relationships. Sometimes, we can even get too busy that we forget to attend to our own physical and spiritual needs. When this happens, we may end up feeling tired and discouraged.

I am reminded of the story where Elijah despaired for his life and prayed that he might die (1 Kings 19:4). This occurred soon after he had prayed and fire fell from heaven to consume the burnt sacrifice (1 Kings 18:38). Being a prophet and a man of great faith, one could not imagine that Elijah could grow weary and discouraged. Especially not so after he had witnessed such a spectacular display of God's power.

More intriguing was the Lord's response. Instead of admonishing him for a lack of faith, the Lord first provided him rest and nourishment (1 Kings 19:5-7). He was then to travel for forty days and forty nights to a place far away from the source of his troubles (v8). There, the Lord encouraged Elijah by revealing to him that he had reserved seven thousand in Israel who have not worshipped Baal (v18).

I believe that we too need to take care of our physical bodies by ensuring that we too have sufficient rest. We also need to get away from our normal routine once in a while to unwind and reflect. Most importantly, we need to allow God to minister into our lives.

Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart , and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light (Matthew 11:28-30, NKJV)

When we look to Him, we may sometimes find that there are many unnecessary things that we carry on our shoulders. The yoke of materialism and worldly expectations can be a heavy burden but the yoke of Christ is one that will give us rest for our souls. Let us then be diligent to nourish our bodies and our souls, taking care also to laying aside any weight and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. - Dr Goh Siew Hor





Healthcare Professionals Needed For Mission Trip

A Lebanon medical mission trip is being organised, from 25th Sept to 3rd Oct 2011. There will be a day of clinics at a women's and men's jail in Lebanon where dental and gynaecological needs are topmost. A mobile clinic to provide free medical treatment for needy families as well as an evangelistic event in the university will be organised. This is a joint collaboration between Lebanon Life Agape and Singapore Campus Crusade Medical Ministry and we invite any healthcare professional interested to join us! For enquiries, please email Dr Dora Cheong at: doracheong1979@gmail.com





Luke's Journal

CMDF Australia has kindly allowed us to distribute their publication to our members. Luke’s Journal of Medicine and Dentistry Vol. 16, No. 1 is now available for download in the PDF format at our website at: www.cmdf.org.sg/publications.php