Dear brothers and sisters,


It was exactly 10 years ago today as I write this note, that we were told scientists had unravelled the entire human genetic code. They claim to have decoded the ‘book of life’, and the promise of an answer to understanding our future. Or did they? While we may seem to be able to figure out some 3 billion letters of the molecular code in the genes of an individual, there are still so many issues that we as doctors face, which pulls us apart in two different directions, hot potatoes that doctors loath to handle!


Hot potatoes? Do join us at our Annual Fellowship Meeting where A/P Paul Ananth will be sharing some personal thoughts on more hot potato issues.


The last quarter has seen God working in our midst through the interactive student-doctor gatherings as well as an engaging MMF golf and dinner where mission stories were shared. Students too were blessed by the inspiring fellowship with overseas medical and dental visitors.


In this issue of REAL!, we also thank God for the 300 HealthServe volunteers including medical students from NUS, Duke-NUS Medical School, nursing students, doctors and others who were privileged to serve our migrant friends at a heath fair.


I pray that as you read this latest issue, you will have the luxury of spending some quiet time reflecting on the faithfulness of God as well as the mysterious wisdom of God, where the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom.









CMDF Annual Fellowship Meeting (15 July 2010)

Please mark the date down in your calendar for the forthcoming CMDF event - The Annual Fellowship Meeting. We are very privileged indeed to have as speaker, a close friend and colleague, Assoc Professor Paul Anantharajah Tambyah from NUH to address us on an intriguing and thought-provoking subject. You can look forward to an exciting and thought-provoking time of fellowship and learning. Please RSVP to for purposes of catering.


Date: 7pm Thursday, 15 July 2010

Venue: Wesley Methodist Church (5 Fort Canning Road)

Speaker: Assoc Prof Paul Anantharajah Tambyah

Topic: Hot Potatoes Christian Doctors Are Loath To Handle – A Personal View



Students & Doctors Gathering (20 March 2010)

by Mr Andrew Chua


"Dr Wong Lee Yuen was one of the many friends we have had the fortune of meeting, and one of the most generous and pleasant ones. She very kindly invited us, a group of 20 third year students, to her place on 20 March, and made time to host our second doctor-student gathering despite her busy schedules.


Given her talents and passion for cooking, one can imagine the aroma and spread that awaited us when we arrived at her place. Even Dr Goh Wei Leong and Dr Darryl Chew could not resist the temptation as we started feasting before the late-comers arrived. No one left the dining table that night. More than just the good food, we had a great time of worship on the theme “Worship”, and Dr Wong also shared her experience on the importance of trusting God and walking close to Him in this long, seemingly arduous medical journey. Following that, we had a time of discussion and prayer on an upcoming outreach event we had in mind. Pray with us too, as we ponder how we can try to reach out to our friends as a batch.


The night ended with shouts and screams from the ugly doll card game corner, intense strategizing from those playing the BANG! card games, and much photo-taking and dog-patting as Dr Wong unleashed her three adorable and attention-loving dogs - Shabby, Scobby and Wally. We are indeed thankful and very blessed to have this cherished time of gathering and sharing of lives. Indeed, the Christian walk is never alone, and we are grateful to have seniors sharing their experience and lessons learnt on the Christian expedition which they have journeyed."





6th MMF Golf Tournament & Fund-Raising Dinner (26 May 2010)


The 6th MMF Golf Tournament and Fund-Raising Dinner on 26 May 2010 at the Orchid Country Club was an overwhelming success with about 200 participating golfers and 430 guests at dinner. Prof Lim Pin was the Guest-of-Honour and our Singaporean missionary surgeon, Dr Matthew Koh, gave a well-received presentation, which prompted some guests to even ask for a taped recording. We thank God for the good weather as well as all our sponsors and donors for their wonderful support and encouragement. The money raised from this event will help our medical and dental missionaries living in 3rd world countries.


MMF continues to support our colleagues who have given up so much of their comfortable lives here to serve God through blessing others abroad. If you wish to provide any sort of financial support to them and their families, do write in to




Dr Soh Ling Ling’s Commissioning
by Dr Goh Siew Hor

“Most of us know or have seen that beaming smile of Dr Soh Ling Ling at Health Serve or the many meetings that she participates in. And it was with great excitement that Oon the on 3rd May 2010, around 30 people gathered at Dr James Chang’s home for the commissioning of Dr Soh Ling Ling. Ling Ling will join the Bless China International (BCI) medical team in Yunnan to set up the province’s first international hospital.


Present were church friends, missionaries and members from CMDF and HealthServe. Veteran missionary to Yunnan, Dr Tan Lai Yong was there to share a short reflection and some words of advice. He contrasted the situation in the mission field to that experienced by the prophet Nehemiah in his day. The prophet, who was a cupbearer for the king, was appointed by the Lord to organise the remnants of Israel to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. In a similar way, BCI is an “organisation of disorganised people” called to serve in China. Yet, interestingly, it is because of the lack of any strong leadership that people are humbly reminded to rely on God to work out His purposes.


Later on, Ling Ling shared about how she received her call to serve in China including the successful application for a Chinese medical practicing license. Truly, it was encouraging to hear her testimony and her desire to leave all behind in obedience to follow Him. May we also be willing to leave our nets when the Master calls us 'Come and I will make you fishers of men.'"






My Singapore Experience
by Tafadzwa Shuro (Zimbabwe)

"From the moment I arrived in Asia I have seen the Lord's hand at work in my life as never before. This elective attachment at the National University of Singapore was an addition to my first elective at the University of Pretoria during the month of February. Upon arrival I discovered that the money I had was insufficient such that I could only pay for 9 days stay at my Student Hostel instead of the proposed 14. The Lord did the unimaginable as the hostel management told me that they had decided to let me stay at the hostel for free for the days I had left in Singapore. This was just the beginning of the miraculous.

Friday the 13th was definitely a day I will remember forever for all the right reasons. One lecturer at the University asked me to come to his clinic to see his practice and, in this way, experience a typical Dental Practice in Singapore. When I got there he was busy, so he could only see me briefly. He did not say much except that the Lord had asked him to give me money. He promptly handed me an envelope with what he believed was enough money to cover any expenses I had incurred in coming to Singapore and if by any chance there was change I should give it to my church. Imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope to find 450 Euros! (US$635). All I could do was cry and immediately call my parents to let them know of this great miracle. I also called my friend in America and let him know I was ready to pay back the money that I had borrowed to come to Asia. What more did I need, the Lord had done the unthinkable, or so I thought.


The Lord blew my mind and thoughts of self-sustenance straight out of the water when I went for a prayer meeting later that day. In attendance was a Professor who had just flown in from Taiwan. After telling everyone present of the great miracle of provision that the Lord had done in my life, we all glorified God. Imagine my surprise when this Professor called me to his office and gave me S$1000! (US$724). I was stunned! He told me that God had also prompted him to give me money. He was very specific in his allocation of the funds; one third to my church as a testament that the Lord is with us, another third to my family as a sign that the Lord will always provide for us, and one third to me as a seed for my postgraduate training that the Lord will provide for my education. That evening was one of the most unusual evenings in my life. All I could do was move around aimlessly in Singapore until I sat down in a McDonalds restaurant and sat in silence for hours in awe of what the Lord had just done for me.


If I was too tell of all the great and mighty things the Lord did during my stay in Asia I would run out of words. The Lord has been good and I would like to say a special thank you to the following: Mr N. and Mrs L. Shuro, Mr M. and Mrs T. Tshabangu, Dr Reid, Dr Goh Wei Leong, Dr Tan, Grace Kor, Dr Ron Lin, Dr Low, Professor Hsu, the Celebration Health Team, the Varsity Christian Fellowship, the Christian Medical Fellowships of Zimbabwe and Singapore, and my two best friends Dr Tinashe Maduke and Tinashe Tonodzai. May the Lord bless you mightily for all the help and support you have given to me. Thank you."





My Experience In NUH
by Nattapoing Kitrungruengnij (Thailand)

"My name is Nut (Nattapong Jitrungruengnij). I am a Christian medical student from Thailand (Siriraj Hospital). I came to Singapore for an elective program (exchange) in pediatrics at the NUH in March 2010. Thank God for giving me the chance. First a professor in pediatrics came to my university and I met him and talked about my plan, I was the only one selected to follow the professor. God is good and he provides me with everything - the great professor, a lovely and nice family host, new friends and an experience that I will never forget.


I learnt a lot from NUH. For example I saw diseases that I’ve never seen in Thailand before. Not only did I learn about medical knowledge, I was learning a lot of mandarin and a bit of Malay language for talking with patients. I met a lot of Christian med students/officers/doctors. I join lot of Christian worship/cell group. My hospital also has a cell group but it is very small about 4-8 people. I visited HealthServe’s clinic in Geylang that is helping the poor. I praise the Lord for the Singapore trip. Now, I am back to Thailand will be working as an intern in northeast Thailand (Udornthani) for 3 years. God bless everyone."