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Dear friends,


A group of some 18 CMDFers met over a public holiday for a reflection and planning retreat called 'The CMDForward' a month ago. Our facilitator Martin Tan opened the session with a poser on the impact of CMDF: If we disappear today will someone miss us? Who will miss us and what will they miss us for?


We spent the next 5 hours taking a hard look at ourselves and our influence on the individual and society. A key issue was the 'C' in the CMDF. One of the outcomes is the title of the Annual Fellowship Meeting(AFM) on Thurs 11 July called 'Faith & Space'. We were also reminded of the cry by juniors for authentic mentoring relationships in the workplace with each other across generations. How do we keep our faith? How do we answer the three questions posed by Soo Inn's reflections from the chaplain's desk? These are some of the many issues we hope we to meaningfully engage with in the coming days.


So yes, at the end of the retreat, we decided that we will be missed after all ! Do join us as we try make a visible and palpable difference being Salt and Light in our community and space.


See you at the 'Faith & Space' conversations next week!






From The Chapiain's Desk


The Three Primary Questions


One of the saddest situations we encounter are patients with amnesia, especially cases where the amnesia is prolonged and there is no guarantee when the patient will regain his or her memory, or how much that person will recall. What is sadder is the spiritual amnesia that afflicts many followers of Jesus. We are so busy that we run from commitment to commitment, numb from fatigue, and soon forget who we are and what life is all about. Those of us in the medical professions, doctors, dentists, nurses, etc., are particularly guilty of this type of amnesia. We run the danger of being poor stewards of our lives.


What can we do to fight off this amnesia? There are no magic solutions but there is a simple thing that we can do. Ask ourselves three key questions regularly. These three questions are suggested by Keith R. Anderson and Randy D. Reese in their book Spiritual Mentoring (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1999). The three questions are:


Who is God?

Who am I?

What am I to do with my life?


Who is God?

He is God almighty, Lord of heaven and earth, and my heavenly Abba. I am to trust Him with my life and obey Him with all my heart soul, strength and mind. He is the centre of my life.


Who am I?

I am a child of God, beloved by Him, my self-worth secure in Him. I live with joy and confidence no matter what I am going through because I know my Abba Father is sovereign and working out His purposes in the world and in my life.


What am I to do with my life?

Blessed by my Abba Father, I am to be His agent of blessing to the world with my unique passions and strengths. I choose afresh to see the practice of my profession as a key way I carry out this “blessing” mandate.


Perhaps we can ask ourselves these three questions at key points of the day: when we wake up and begin the day, at midday when we have lunch, and at the close of day before we sleep. It is even better if we have a mentor and/or spiritual friends to help us remember and to live out these questions.


Life is a gift and a trust. We choose to live our lives intentionally. One way we keep ourselves on track is to ask ourselves the three primary questions regularly.


Rev. Dr. Tan Soo Inn

Honourary Chaplain








CMDF Annual Fellowship Meeting 2013 - Faith & Space

How do we show our call in our calling? Come and explore with us as we examine practical and praticable ways our faith is express.

Date: 11 July 2013, Thur
GCF Conference Room (420 North Bridge Road #05-04, North Bridge Centre), Singapore 188727
Speakers/Facilitators: Tan Lai Yong, Paul Tambyah, Linus Chua, Joshua Tan
and more

For enquiries or to RSVP, please email: admin@cmdf.org.sg





CMDF Annual Retreat 2013


This year’s CMDF Annual Retreat was not really a retreat, but an advance. Doctors and dentists met with the CMDF leadership team met at the old premises of Catholic High School at Waterloo Street for a time of interaction, introspection and imagination.


Appropriately titled CMDForward 2013 and led by Martin Tan from the Halogen Foundation, it was an examination of our role in the Christian medical community, the changing trends in our environment and how we can ride on these changes to have the greatest impact.


Key areas of Interest Identified include:


1. The Christian Difference?

Helping Christian Doctors and Dentists maintain their distinctiveness in their areas of influence, be it in approach to patients, colleagues, and finances.


2. Helping Juniors In Training.

CMDF has already some interactions with medical students, but there is a large need in terms of guiding young doctors in training in their formative years.


3. Foreign Medical and Dental Graduates.

Comprising both locals and foreigners, foreign medical graduates often get a “culture” shock when returning to practice in Singapore hospitals. CMDF can help play a supportive role in easing them into the system.


4. Medical Ethics Education.

CMDF may play a key role in medical ethics education with bible scholars, churches and academia? That is currently an unmet need, in issues like abortion, egg-freezing; a fuller understanding of the Christian perspective would empower the churches in these issues.


These are exciting, impactful times, and anyone who wants to contribute in these areas or more can contact any of the CMDF leadership team or admin@cmdf.org.sg. - Dr Calvin Koh






CMDF Re-Dedication Service


This year, the CMDF held its Annual Re-Dedication Service on 31st Jan 2013, at St Andrew’s Cathedral - Prayer Hall.


About 60 of us comprising medical students, doctors, dentists and admin staff took a moment to reflect on our calling in Christ and to re-dedicate our lives to GOD whom we serve. The format of worship was simple; we observed silence before Creator GOD and opened in prayer followed by worship led by 2 medical students. We gave our offerings to GOD and the announcements were articulated with slide projections.


The speaker, Dr Jason Lim spoke on the topic ‘Workaholics – the cure?’ He shared with us from Luke’s gospel chapter 10 verses 38-42 where a busy flustered Martha was admonished by the LORD for over-working and asked to choose what Mary had chosen which is ‘something that will not be taken away from her’.


Dr Jason Lim quoted recent statistics where 8 in 10 employees in Singapore do not clear annual leave. He recalled how as a young medical officer, he out-performed many of his colleagues in accruing appendectomy cases. He also related how as a workaholic he tried to use every minute of his time, even toilet times if possible, to read in the hope of acquiring knowledge. However, even though his career was progressing well he could feel his spiritual life ebbing. With that realisation, he re-focused his attention on his spiritual life and learned to worship GOD.


Following the message we had communion led by Canon Dr Louis Tay. We closed in prayer and our Chaplain Dr Tan Soo Inn gave the benediction. After the meeting, refreshments were provided and several members stayed to mingle and catch-up with one another. We had a couple from Kerala, India who joined us for the service. They represent new migrants to our nation and indeed the mission field is wide and there is much to do to encourage one another in our service for Christ. - Dr Poh Wee Teng




CMDF Meet the HOs Session

Some 20 doctors met on 1st May 2013 for the traditional welcome that CMDF has for incoming House Officers (HOs). Having slogged through medical school and survived countless exams, the real challenge after medical school comes with having real patients to hear, help and heal. It was heartening to hear the outgoing HOs share how God has blessed them through their first year, and share pointers on surviving housemanship with their juniors.

Our gracious host, Prof London Lucien Ooi opened his house and provided food and refreshment while our CMDF Chaplain Dr Tan Soo Inn reminded not just the incoming batch of HOs, but all present on the three key tenets of practical faith from Genesis 1 and 2, namely:

Co-labour – realising that God created work, and hence our work is God’s work. That our diligent duty in the workplace is but an expression of our faith.

Communion – realising that our relationship with God is key in guiding us through work, and keeping the channel of communication with God open despite the busyness of life.

Community – realising that “it is not good for the man to be alone” and how it is important to have a few close friends to walk this journey with, just as it is important to remain connected to our Church.

Dr Linus Chua, helped chair a time of sharing and prayer. For the outgoing HOs present, it was also a timely reminder that work does not end at housemanship, but indeed continues on beyond with own unique challenges and joys at every stage in the medical career. With heartfelt discussions on practical issues such as dealing with fatigue, the importance of mutual respect for colleagues, as well as coping with death and grief, it was a time of reflection and rejoicing in the guidance and providence of the Lord. As they begin their housemanship, let us continue to pray for our HOs, wishing them a meaningful year ahead as they serve the Lord in their work. - Dr Calvin Koh





CMDF Meet the HOs – Duke NUS Edition

The inaugural CMDF Meet the HOs with Duke NUS HOs was held on 29 June 2013. This is the first time that the Meet the HO session was held for the Duke NUS HOs before they start work.

The session reminded the incoming HOs to be faithful to God’s calling, and to remember the Christian distinctiveness at work. Through the sharing by Dr Jonathan Sng, the new HOs picked up useful pointers, and practical tips for the coming year.

Hosted by Dr Claire Ang, who kindly opened her house and provided tasty refreshments and drinks, the session is part of the continuting efforts of CMDF to support junior doctors-in-training. We warmly welcome these new HOs to our community and wish them Godspeed in the years ahead. - By Dr Calvin Koh



MMF Golf Tournament & Fund-Raising Dinner 2013

In view of the unpredictable haze situation, our Organizing Committee regrets to inform you that we have reluctantly made the difficult decision to postpone the MMF Golf Tournament and Fund-Raising Dinner event next Wednesday, 3 July 2013 to a later date.

The SICC has kindly allowed us to re-schedule the entire event (golf tournament and dinner) to Wed 9 October 2013 at SICC (New Course). We thank you for having made time to play in the golf tournament and coming for the dinner, and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused. We hope that you will still be able to support us on Wed 9 October 2013 towards the worthwhile cause.

Please do not hesitate to contact Michelle Lee at admin@cmdf.org.sg if you need any clarification or wish to respond to. - By Dr James Chang Ming Yu, Chairman, Organising Committee






Visiting of doctors from Hong Kong

Doctors from Hong Kong were here in Singapore for a Retreat and visitation. On 1 March 2013, Dr Goh Wei Leong and Dr Calvin Koh met them and shared with them about the ministry of CMDF and the volunteering community platform where many of our doctors are serving. One of the visiting doctor from Hong Kong also shared his story on reaching out to the poor in Hong Kong. Accompanying the team was the CMDF Hong Kong staff worker Dr Leo Poon.


Dinner with OMF Homeside and Field Medical Advisers

On 18 April 2013, CMDF Leadership Team hosted a dinner for some 57 delegates of OMF Homeside and Field Medical Advisers. They were here to attend the "OMF Medical Advisers' Consultation 2013". Present were also the MMF supporter doctors, Dr Jeffrey Lum and Dr Chan Nang Fong. The International Medical Adviser of OMF, Dr George Khoo also presented a book "Christ Alone: A Pictorial Presentation of Hudson Taylor's Life and Legacy" to CMDF.



dr oi1

dr oi2

Dinner with Dr Oi from Chiang Mai


We had the privilege to be linked up with Dr Oi (a Christian Thai doctor, trained as a paediatrician) through quite a roundabout means.


Since last year, some of my friends and I have been involved with a medical ministry amongst the Shan in Northern Thailand. On our first trip there we realized that as enjoyable as it was for us to serve there, the clinic needed a regular doctor once a month. It would be far more economical (and easier, language-wise) to pray for a provision of a local Thai Christian doctor in Chiang Mai to perhaps continue the work and provide support for the clinic.


On returning to Singapore, Dr Goh Wei-Leong was our first 'go-to' when we started cracking our heads for Thai contacts. True enough Dr Goh knew of a few Christian Thai doctors and linked me up with a Thai CMDF contact in Chiang Mai. This led to another contact and within a week Dr Oi replied that she was interested to help! What an answer to prayer.


A couple of months later on our next trip, we finally met Dr Oi in person. Dr Oi is a remarkable Thai lady, God-fearing and one in whom we found a kindred heart as she also seeks to serve God & share the gospel in Thailand. It was such a blessing and encouragement to have her with our team. Besides seeing so many patients with such speed and expertise, Dr Oi had also packed all sorts of Thai snacks for our journey up the mountain, producing some new 'treat' for us to try every day!


A month later, in February this year, it was Dr Oi's turn to visit us in Singapore. She stopped over for a few days with her daughter and spent some time visiting us in our local hospitals, as well as visiting Healthserve's ministry in Geylang. It was heartening to see how she was likewise encouraged by the work that God is doing in Singapore. She shared that she had also gained some insights to bring back to her ministry in Thailand.


We're glad for this new found friendship and prayer-partnership across countries - indeed, this puts 'cross-cultural' ministry in a new light! - By Dr Joanne Tan



Training Health Workers in Timor-Leste, March 2013

Community health workers provide basic medical services in remote rural villages in Timor-Leste. They face formidable daily challenges: harsh working conditions, limited resources, suboptimal training.

Equipping them is the aim of the ongoing “Timor-Leste Healthcare Worker Training Programme,” a collaborative project by Care Channels Timor-Leste and clinicians from National University Hospital, in partnership with Liquica District Hospital, Timor-Leste.

In March 2013’s run, our three volunteer trainers conducted workshops for two days covering use of stethoscopes and BP sets, recognition of respiratory distress in children, and hypertensive emergencies. The 29 participants included 10 community health workers, in addition to nurses, midwives, doctors and medical students posted to the district hospital. On the third day, we accompanied participants in a primary health outreach in a mountain village.

We brought donated stethoscopes and BP sets, but just as useful were simple watches. They permitted training in identifying tachypnoea - the most sensitive sign of childhood pneumonia. Videos of the signs of respiratory distress were well-received, as were audience quizzes using coloured flashcards to reinforce the limits of normal blood pressure.

On our journey home, our interpreter related that soon after completion of our workshops, a child in respiratory distress had been brought to the district hospital: “Your students recognized his retractions and fast breathing!” and the patient was appropriately transferred to the national hospital for care. It was an encouraging sign – God in his grace does use us to empower the Timorese health workers to better confront their enormous daily challenge. - By Dr. Lydia Wong and Dr. Natarajan Rajaraman



ICMDA XVth World Congress (22 - 26 July 2014)


Welcome to the 15th ICMDA World Congress of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association to be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands! The theme of the congress will be SERVE SHARE SHINE. The Main Congress will explore the nature and different perspectives on our vision as Christian medical and dental professionals as they apply to the wide variety of practice, settings, roles and cultures within which we operate. The registration for the ICMDA 2014 World Congress is open now! Please visit: www.icmda2014.org



HCF Conference - "Transformation in Healthcare"

Transformation maybe a buzz word but what does all this talk of transformation mean practically? It is not enough to discuss issues, pray about them and merely feel inspired by them. We have to find ways to translate these issues into action. Do you want to see changes in the healthcare of your nation? Join us in this Conference as we seek to understand His destiny for us in this strategic territory of healthcare. Will you be His change agent and bring His healing, hope and wholeness where there is brokenness, sickness and suffering? You can be the salt of transformation.

Date: 23 - 27 July 2013
YWCA Fort Canning Lodge, 6 Fort Canning Road, Singapore 179494

For more info, please visit: hcfconferencesg.com





Dr Goh Siew Hor

Dental Prayer Fellowship

One of my favorite bible stories is that of David defeating Goliath. The story almost has an air of fantasy surrounding it. The protagonist is a youth; ruddy, bright eyed and good-looking (1 Samuel 16:12). One day, he was sent to deliver food to his brothers enlisted in the army when he witnessed the opponent's champion taunting and striking fear into the hearts of the Isrealite army (1 Samuel 17:23-24). Out of innocence and conviction, he says, "For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God" (v26). He tries to convince the men on his point of view but they rejected him as being proud and insolent.(v28-30). Saul himself tries to use logical reasoning to dissuade David (v33) but David was still convinced that God will deliver (v37). The climax of the story comes when David confronts Goliath.

"Then David said to the Philistine, "you come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Isreal, whom you have defied. This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you and take your head from you....... Then all this assembly shall know that the Lord does not save with sword and spear; for the battle is the Lord's, and He will give you into our hands." (1 Samuel 17:45 - 47)

In the end, David prevails against Goliath. Here was a youth with the faith to believe that the best training, weapons and physical size does not match up to what the God of Isreal can do. The story is remarkable because our young hero did not give in to logical persuation unlike the other adult characters. The confidence he had in His God can almost be mistaken to be arrogance.

Whether we are in school or out in the workplace, it is worth considering whether we subscribe to worldly pursuations that success is paved by academic achievements, reputation or wealth. Do our actions acknowledge that God is our all-sufficiency? Just as David had to reject Saul's sword and armour (v38,39) so that he would not be weighed down by it, we may need to lay aside our own methods and surrender before we can witness the deliverance of the Lord. May He grant us wisdom and courage so that we may completely rely on Him for the victory in our battles.

God bless. - Dr Goh Siew Hor



Food Empire Medical Mission To Manila (13-22 Dec 2012)

The trip was amazing.

God met each of us personally and revived us, depositing afresh a fire for Him. While it was physically challenging at times, it was spiritually very fulfilling. We were blessed with the opportunity to experience the joy of giving, the privilege of serving and the laughter of good company. Our hearts are filled to the brim with gratefulness for the moments of inspiration and revelation as well as newly forged friendships with the people of te Philippines.

We are a team of 7 medical students, richly blessed in many aspects of life, and out of the abundance that God gave us by His magnificent grace, we desired to bless. It was our honour to have been able to render medical treatment to the sick, give gifts of love in the form of gift packs and food to the less privileged, improving infrastructure such as installing water filters and a toilet for the Mangyan Tribe (an indigenous community living in mountainous Mindoro island of the Philippines), and contribute in the offering of spiritual support for the various communities through prayer and evangelism.

Key in the achievement of these goals and endeavours were many mentors and co-workers, who provided for us, guided us and ensured our safety throughout the trip (not to forget overcoming the language barrier for effective communication). We would like to express heartfelt thanks to Philadelphia Christcentred Fellowship (PCF), founded and headed by Pastor-Dr. Don Cua. The Church has been our primary link to the communities, and its members laboured tirelessly alongside us in preparing logistics, scheduling and ironing any hiccups we faced. On top of their technical support and help, their immense compassion for the sick and the needy left a deep impression on us. They have truly spurred us on towards greater love and empathy (Heb 10:24-25).

We would also like to thank the second team of 7 Singaporean volunteers headed by Dr Lee Oh, consisting of three general practitioners and four non-medical volunteers. Dr Lee Oh is a general practitioner at the Mission (Bukit Batok) Medical Clinic and he started this liaison between Singaporean students and PCF since he himself was a 3rd year medical student. We are deeply grateful for the immense amount of help and guidance he and his team have given us before, during and after the trip and for his kind donation of two Hyflux water filters for the communities.

We would also like to express our appreciation to our families, friends, other sponsors and private donors for their belief in us and immense selflessness in their donations. Chief among them is Food Empire Holdings Ltd, whose immense and unwavering support never fail to motivate and encourage us. We are ever so grateful to them for being so willing to fund us so readily and generously in providing for the communities’ medical, nutritional and social needs. Only with such overwhelming support were we able to reach out to so many communities in so many ways.

In experiencing such overwhelming support, we could not help but worship and praise the Lord, our Jehovah Jireh. Funds came in in the nick of time, donations flooded in such that we had more than what we could ship over (even now, we still have leftover boxes waiting to be shipped!), and more than sufficient provisions were made that enabled a smooth running of the trip when we were in the Philippines itself! In addition, some donors are saying they have more for our next trip! Moreover, Food Empire Holdings Ltd so kindly gave us the opportunity to be featured in The Straits Times (The Sunday Times!) on the 23rd September 2012, and from there came such a great inpouring of sponsorship and offers that we could not deny God’s and blessings upon us. With such favour and grace upon us, we were able to bless the following communities in a variety of ways. - Aera Kee, Treye Teo, Wesley Yeung, Chen Ting An, Ryan Tan, Cleo Chiong, and Rachel Lu