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Calling all doctors and other
 medical personnel who are
willing to be part of a medical
 missions resource pool that
CMDF is trying to form. 

If you think you are able to
 contribute by going on
short term medical missions
trips or contributing equipment
and expertise, especially in
training and equipping people
for a medical missions trip,
please contact us at:




Congratulation to
Dr. Chan Lai Gwen

Mr. Lo Hing Loon

on the arrival of
their second child,
(Greek for mercy)
who was born on
 5th Feb 2009. 
helps oversee the
volunteers at HealthServe
 Community Clinic.



HIV-positive Ugandan
 priest is awarded 2009
 Niwano Peace Prize
| Ekklesia 

To read more, pls click on the following website:




Equipping Leaders
for Asia

Calling All Christians in HealthCare:  Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics
and Non-Meical Staff


Light penetrates darkness and
as the latter increases, so must
light become greater.  While there
will always be unique leaders
who are commanders of millions,
there are many who need to lead  thousands or  tens. Given the
many circles of leadership,  
each with specific  talent in
administration, healing,
prophecy, worship, teaching,
the entire household of God can
grow strong & inter-dependent.
How then can we show others
where to walk when we have n
ot been ourselves, or how can
we run amongst briers and
horses, when we stumble upon grass and men? In this course
we learn  from men who use
God's plumbline by which they
measure and lead others t
owards maturity in Christ.

2nd May, 6th June, 18th July

2 pm - 5pm

NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL (Training & Education Centre,
Level 6 ) 

 Physicians: $ 40.00;
Non-physicians: $ 30.00 ;
Students $20.00

For Enquiry, please contact
Mary:  98803070



The National Council of Churches of Singapore and the YMCA of Singapore invite you to:

 A Public Lecture on

The Ethics of Organ Trading


Dr. Roland Chia

Saturday 2 May 2009

2.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Auditorium (Level 1),
YMCA of Singapore
(near Dhoby Ghaut MRT)
One Orchard Road
Singapore 238824

Free Admission

(A freewill offering will be taken)

 All pastors, medical personnel, leaders, students and other members of the Christian public
are encouraged to attend

 Dr. Roland Chia,
PhD (University of London, UK)
is the Chew Hock Hin Professor
of Christian Doctrine at Trinity
Theological College, Singapore.  He is the author of several books
on Christian doctrine and ethics.

Ms Doreen Mohan  6336 8177 


FES 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Theme: Recalling History, Proclaiming His Story

Since 1959, FES has
been truly blessed by
having witnessed God's
amazing works among
the tertiary students in
Singapore -- students' lives transformed, church leaders
raised, and impactful
graduates made.

This year, we are
celebrating 50 years
of His grace and
 faithfulness to the
FES ministry.

 To commemorate that,
we have planned two major
events for all FES family
members and supporters 
to celebrate together. 
We are glad and honoured 
to invite all of you to join us
and participate in these.

FES Anniversary Lectures
21 - 23 May 2009, 7pm,
New Sanctuary, 
St. Andrew Cathedral

"The Full Confidence
of Faith"
by: Prof. Alister McGrath

 * FES Anniversary Dinner
29 May 2009, 7pm,
Pioneer Spring Restaurant,
 SAFRA, Mt Faber

Dinner fees:
$60 (professionals),
$25 (students)

 We will also republish the
book "Vision and Continuity",
produce a special DVD
 on FES’ history and future,
and make related souvenirs.

For any queries, please email  fes@fessingapore.org 
or call 63383665.

More details can be seen at
 FES 50th Anniversary website:





For sharing of contemplative
 thoughts and insights,
interpreting life experiences
and anecdotes in the
Light of God's Word.

Two new postings on  Contemplation...

“Look to the Hills” 

“In the Palm of
God’s Hands”

by  A/Prof. Lionel Lee


A blog initiated by
one of our brothers 
serving in the field

"Our Journey to Smile"




Dr. Stephen Liang
& his wife  Jennifer
from Kunming, visited the
 HealthServe Community
Clinic and had the opportunity
to minister to our chinese
migrant friends.


Rev. Dr.  Chris Gnanakan
from SAIACS (South Asia Institute
for Advanced Christian Studies)
in Bangalore, spent an evening
with the CMDF committee and
visited the HealthServe
Community Clinic.


Dr. Harvey A Elder,
Professor of Medicine
(Loma Linda University
School of Medicine), visited
us en route to CMC Vellore. 
He spent precious time with
our CMDF doctors as well as
our chinese migrant friends.






Editorial Team (VOL. #14/2009):
Goh Wei Leong, Soh Ling Ling,
Bernice Lee, Michelle Wong





Dear brothers and sisters,

The highlight of the first quarter of the CMDF calendar must certainly be the revisiting of the Saline Solution Course with Dr. Bob Snyder and team as they showed us how to share our faith in a powerful and yet sensitive manner. The challenge is how we, as “Salt and Light” of the world, can engage in issues of justice and mercy in these turbulent times and not merely strive toward slicker worship services and higher-tech medicine.

At about the time of the Saline Solution course, I had received news that Dr. James H Taylor III, a man of God, doctor, friend and brother had been called home. He has been an inspiration to many of us, leading a life worthy of the Lord and truly “salt and light” in our hurting world. We thank God for the many heroes of faith who express their faith in no uncertain terms and in so many creative ways.

Do check out the blog initiated by of one of our brothers in the field at http://journeytosmile.wordpress.com. He asks, “Are humane relationships possible in the depth of conflict and global self-interest? Is civility possible? Can we smile?”

We look forward to seeing you at our Annual Fellowship meeting in June when Dr. Chris Gnanakan will explore “Money and Medical Missions”, an aspect of the Christian life and ministry that has to be honestly and prayerfully wrestled with in today’s economic climate.



CMDF Annual Fellowship Meeting

Please mark the date down in your calendar for the Annual Fellowship Meeting.

Our speaker, Rev. Dr Chris Gnanakan, who has a double doctorate degree, is no stranger to CMDF. He is Professor and Head of Pastoral Theology and Counseling and "Dean of Chapel" at South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies in Bangalore, South India. He is a regular Leadership Training speaker at The Haggai Institute here. His messages are always fresh and thought-provoking, and the topic on Money and Medical Missions is most relevant given the current economic climate.

Don't miss this meeting!

Please kindly RSVP admin@cmdf.org.sg or call 82989595 (Michelle).



Basic Disaster Relief Training Course 2009


Course Objectives:

  • To challenge and mobilize volunteers for Crisis Relief Ministry

  • To understand how Crisis Relief fits into End Time Ministry

  • To promote networking amongst individuals and organizations interested in Crisis Relief

You should attend this course if:

  • You are interested to go on such relief trips but are uncertain about what it involves

  • You have been on crisis relief trips but never had any training previously

  • You want to meet like minded individuals and form strategic partnerships

Date:  24th & 25th April 2009

Venue:  St John's-St Margaret's Church Chapel

Closing date for registration is 20th April 2009


For any enquires, please contact Joy Seng at 68441238 or crspore@crisisrelief.org

Website: www.crisisrelief.org



Crisis Relief Singapore, SJSM Health Touch,

Christian Medical & Dental Fellowship




CMDF Re-Dedication Service 09
by Dr. Tan Kay Soon

On 22 January 2009 , 63 CMDF members gathered at the Wesley Methodist Church for the Annual Rededication Service. It was an opportune time for  thanksgiving for blessings received, to renew our  faith, and a time of and prayer for direction in the new year during this period of uncertainty.

The worship session was led by Drs. Tan Siew Pin, Darryl Chew and Michael Kim. Medical students, Ann and Wai Jia read the Scriptures. Dr. Sathyadevan from the Institute of Mental Health testified of the events that led to his personal revival.  Our mission doctors, Drs. J Lum, R Hui, Tan LY, Loh C, and Ng LW were present to be prayed over by our chaplain, Rev. Dr. Tan Soo Inn. Dr. Lim Poh Lian, the speaker, reminded us that the busyness and stresses in our professional work, the challenges that come from within and without, should not deter us from focusing on our Lord. The Service ended with Holy Communion administered by Rev. Phillip Lim.


Dinner & Discussion, 12th February 2009 
by Dr. Lester Leong

The CMDF Committee and some guests had the privilege of attending a D&D (dinner and discussion) at Dr.Goh Wei Leong’s residence with Rev. Dr. Chris Gnanakan who heads the Department of Pastoral Theology & Counseling at the South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies, Bangalore, South India. Having been involved in various healthcare-related conferences, Rev. Dr. Chris Gnanakan spoke very insightfully on the positive paradigm shifts he has noticed in the worldwide development of healthcare. These included perceiving the patient as a guest rather than a customer, and therefore extending the Judeo-Christian concept of “kindness to strangers” to him or her. Increasingly, there has been a shift from “curing” (the sickness) to “healing” (the whole person), and from the patient as passive sufferer to active participant in the healing process. The discussion served as a challenge for us as some of these shifts were either non-existent or, at best, a very early work in progress here in Singapore.


Missionaries & Students Gathering @ NUS,
17th February 2009
by Mr. Ho Zhen Chong (Medicine VCF)

We were inspired by Dr. Kevin Chen’s sharing of his experiences on the mission field. He taught us the importance of paying attention to the heart, i.e. the hidden faults and residual sins in our lives that need dealing with before we embark on mission work. After his sharing, we split up into our contact groups for a time of personal interaction with the missionaries who were present.  Indeed, that day we were left with much to think about - the foremost questions in our minds being “How can we stand in the gap in our campus?” and “How can we prepare ourselves for work in the mission field?”.


International Saline Conference & Training
27th, 28th and 30th March 2009
by Ms.
Diane M. Vescovi (International Health Services)

The International Saline Conference and Training held in Singapore on March 27-28 and March 30 was very well received by those who attended. They engaged with the material and found clear, practical direction for being witnesses in their workplaces. Many commented on the value of having a case study (role play) to illustrate spiritual care of patients and to understand the faith journey as a process. In Singapore, this person was called by the name “Ah Beng”. In addition to the role play, participants also commented frequently on their appreciation of real-life examples, their desire for follow-up in the form of e-mail communication and the usefulness of the tools, especially faith flags and faith stories. Their dissatisfaction with the training was mostly related to feeling time pressure or wanting more activities and opportunity to ask questions. When it came to training of trainers (TOT), they were most satisfied with the group interaction, with a trainer assigned to each group. For the TOT, many comments had to do with the need for “more” – interaction, information, examples, hands-on experience. As the TOT module is in development, their desire for more is in keeping with our intentions to fill it out.

A Thank You Note from the Trainer
Steve and Violet Chen):

Dear Wei-Leong,
I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for your kind hospitality extended toward us and the whole team while we were in Singapore.  We appreciated the delicious meal at your home, the wonderful fellowship with Singaporean health-care providers, and especially the eye-opening trip to the special ministry in the city.  You have inspired us and shown us what “following the footsteps of Jesus” looks like in real life!  May the Lord continue to bless you and use you as a channel of blessing to many.  We look forward to possible future collaboration with you and your Singaporean colleagues as we consider bringing “Saline” into China.




E2S Orientation, 17th January 2009
by Ms Ann Toh

The E2S training programme was well attended by fourth-year medical students who will be heading to India, Africa, Cambodia and China for their electives. Dr. Amos Loh started the ball rolling by introducing the E2S programme and its objectives. He also shared certain encounters he had experienced during his own medical student elective to Nepal. This was followed by a session on cross-cultural communications by Mr. Lawrence Ko who gave us insights on how to approach our electives in terms of understanding the cultural context of the place we were going to. After this, some of our seniors who are doctors shared about the lessons God taught them during their electives and gave us valuable advice regarding our preparation and expectation for the trip. The afternoon concluded with Dr. Tan Lai Yong sharing about the need to realize that rapid changes are taking place in the cultural context of the mission field.




Christian Medical Education "CME" @ NUS,

3rd March 2009
by Ms Chai Jia Xin


For this instalment of CME talks by Christian doctors organized by Varsity Christian Fellowship - Medicine, we had Rev. Dr. Tan Soo Inn, chaplain of CMDF, who spoke on the topic “Where am I going? - Having a Christian mind on our career path”.

Basing his talk on biblical principles, he outlined for us some basic pointers on how to discover our vocation and the spiritual disciplines needed. Following that, we listened with rapt attention to exciting testimonies by Dr. Kenny Tan, Dr. Claire Ang and Dr. Darryl Chew on how they sought God’s will for their vocations and the paths God led them through.

It was truly enlightening for us students who had a chance to listen, ask and learn from our predecessors who have walked the path before us. We were encouraged and inspired by them to want to embark on this lifelong adventure and journey of discovery that God has in store for each of us.


Students Gathering, 27th February 2009
by Ms Ann Toh

On the 27th February, a group of 15 fourth year Christian medical students gathered at the home of Dr. Wong Lee Yuen for a time of worship, fun and fellowship with seniors from CMDF, Drs. Darryl Chew, Michael Kim and Linus Chua. This gathering was cherished time of reunion for the believers in this batch after a long period of not being able to meet together in such a large group. Dr. Wong Lee Yuen shared with us about God’s faithfulness and guidance to her with regards to medical career and Dr. Michael Kim shared about the struggles God brought him through as a trainee in Korea and exhorted the students to meet up as a family of Christ regularly to support one another. Dr. Darryl Chew shared how God led him into hand surgery and Dr. Linus Chua shared with us perspectives and preparing oneself spiritually for house-officer life.

We were very touched and blest by how honestly the seniors shared their lives with us and brought home many lessons with us. We thank God for this gathering and how He has used it to speak to the hearts of us students.


Contemporary Issues Ministry (CIM)
Forum on Euthanasia
19th February 2009
by Ms Bernice Lee




The forum, entitled “Euthanasia: A Christian Perspective”, was organised by the Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF).

The Euthanasia Forum saw a room packed with participants from various Christian circles who had come to hear the views of Dr. Alastair Campbell, Director of the Centre for Biomedical Ethics, National University Singapore; Dr. Alex Tang, Director of the Spiritual Formation Institute, Malaysia, and a paediatrician at the Johor Specialist Hospital; and Rev. Dr. Tan Soo Inn, Chairman and Training Consultant of Graceworks Pte Ltd, and Chaplain of the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship (CMDF).

Dr. Campbell gave an excellent and concise overview of existing definitions, the current legal position in Singapore, international comparisons, arguments for and against, and possible scenarios for the future. Although the literal meaning of euthanasia is “a good death”, Dr. Campbell noted that there is an increasing tendency to wrongly equate it with mercy killing. He also spent some time explaining the differences between voluntary, non-voluntary and involuntary versions of euthanasia.

Dr. Alex Tang felt that in the midst of extensive debate, euthanasia had lost its original meaning of a “good death”. Coming against conventional understandings of euthanasia as refusing treatment, or an opportunity to get rid of old folks, or the Advanced Medical Directive, or doctors as killers, he added that doctors have a license only to save, and redefined euthanasia in the light of what Scripture approves. Drawing from examples in the Bible, he concluded that “euthanasia for Christians is to live well and to die well at the appointed time”.

Rev. Dr. Tan
broadened the debate by bringing in the importance of hospice and palliative care for terminally ill patients. In addressing this, he revisited the painful personal experience of caring for his wife who was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in 1992 and died a year later. Rev. Dr. Tan expressed his concern that Christians could tend to focus so much on their theological position that they neglect the day-to-day practical life issues of caring for a suffering, terminally ill patient. He also spoke of the need for Christians to support the hospice movement which is at the forefront of providing palliative care.

A lively question-and-answer session ensued after the panelists had completed their presentations, with some participants enriching the discussion by sharing from their personal experiences.


Hands Across the World
- Comments and Quotes from near and far

by Dr. Harvey A Elder
M.D. Professor of Medicine
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

I greatly appreciated the opportunity to visit HealthServe Limited. I saw what you are doing, by God's grace. I saw how the individual migrants are being blessed. You accept each one as a precious child of God. The first evening, you were celebrating a birthday, complete with birthday cake, and all got a piece. They greatly appreciated being remembered as part of your family.

The clinic, though small, is very efficient and is doing a wonderful work. You provide the only care in the area that sees the value of each migrant. You help them get the medical care they need. In this, you show the character and love of God through your countless acts of mercy. This is a wonderful work.

The work with the migrants has the potential of traveling back to the interior of China, Malaysia and India as the migrants take the love of God and their passion for His Kingdom with them. My prayers are with you and your work. May your numbers increase.



Zimbabwe Update
by Dr. Daryl Hackland (ICMDA)

Our deep appreciation is expressed to all who have contributed so magnanimously to the appeal for support of our colleagues in the Christian Medical Fellowship (Graduates and Students) of Zimbabwe.  They have given of themselves sacrificially and tirelessly to the task of easing the devastating burdens of poverty, hunger and disease.  All these burdens remain extremely heavy as the political stalemate and the ravaging cholera epidemic await resolution.

Along with Celebration Health, a church-based organization in Harare, Zimbabwe, doctors, nurses and students continue to serve in the many cholera treatment centres.  Testimonies are given of lives saved and new hope being born in the hearts and lives of those receiving the compassionate care of Christ’s disciples.

Your donations have so far enabled five large consignments of essential medical supplies to be sent through South Africa to Zimbabwe.  It is so encouraging to know that these supplies, made possible through your caring, have placed resources into the otherwise empty hands of the health professionals.  As appeal funds become available, so will the support of Zimbabwe continue.

Please continue to support Zimbabwe, especially with your prayers.

Should you wish to make a donation, please consider the
ICMDA website provision.  
If you are in the UK, please visit their website (www.cmf.org.uk)


The Asia ICMDA Conference
August 7 – 9, 2009, Taiwan
Hosted by Taiwan Christian Medical Association (TCMA)

The Asia ICMDA conference, hosted by the Taiwan Christian Medical Association, will be held from August 7 to 9. The venue is likely to be the new Mackay Medical College which enrolled its first intake in the fall of 2008. This would be particularly meaningful as Dr. George Leslie Mackay was a medical missionary that brought the Gospel to northern Taiwan 144 years ago. We have great hopes of making the meeting an Asia-wide one. For 40 years now, this meeting series has been rotating among Japan, Korea and Taiwan. This year, Thailand will join us, with 15 participants. Christian migrant workers in Taiwan from Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia will also be present. We propose to raise funding to cover the local expenses of all students coming from other countries so that they will only need to take care of the cost of their flight tickets. We are also planning some pre-conference field trips to such places as the free clinic of endemic Black-Foot Disease, the museum, the church of leprosy victims and the Christian hospitals that are active in outreach to migrant workers.