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Dear friends,


The world is constantly on the move. All of us have moving stories and stories of moving, and perhaps that's what life on earth is about for us as pilgrims on a journey. This year's CMDF Celebration Dinner is themed " Moving Stories". The evening's celebration dinner and program is specially for our non-Singaporean and non-Christian friends. Dr Steve Griffiths, a Zimbabwean doctor who spent a few years in Cambodia and now working in Singapore will be sharing his story with us.


Do check out the reflection by Dr Santosh and his wife Karuna who moved to Singapore from India a year ago as they sensed the call from God. We thank God too for our students involved in Project Phetchabun in Thailand and doctors who were in Sichuan medical mission. Inspiring moves!


Looking forward to seeing you at the dinner on Saturday, 12 November.











CMDF Annual Celebration Dinner


cmdf dinner


This year's theme is Moving Stories, whether it is a foreigner stepping into Singapore, a medical officer changing postings, a student starting work as a houseman, we all have our own unique journeys to share. It will be an evening where doctors and students of different ethnic backgrounds and faiths share a meal together. So join us and be enthralled.


Date: Saturday 12 November 2011

Time: 7pm

Venue: NUS Kent Ridge Guild House

Speaker: Dr Steve Griffiths

Price: $950 for table of 10 / $750 to sponsor 10 students

To confirm your booking, please make cheque payable to: "Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship" and mail it to: Geylang Post Office PO Box 057, Singapore 913802. For enquiries, please email: admin@cmdf.org.sg






ODC India Alumni Dinner cum Volunteers Gathering - 30 July 2011


It made us glad from the heart to see so many God's children with a keen interest in ministering to the migrants gathered to celebrate God's faithfulness on the evening of 30th July. We as a family, new to Singapore, can identify with the migrants and echo some of the anxieties and struggles faced by a person moving to a foreign land. The thought that someone genuinely cares for you and is available for you makes a big difference. We thank God for the testimony shared by brother Kumar a migrant worker who knew the Lord as his saviour after coming to Singapore, how the Lord answered his prayer and petition for himself and for others for whom he prayed. The highlight of the event was Pastor Malcolm's message when he shared from Luke 7:22, "the good news being preached to the poor" is a miracle equal to a blind being healed or the lame walking. - Drs. Santosh & Karuna


The volunteers at Karunya Clinic, Geylang and Jurong healthserv had a wonderful time of fellowship, sharing and encouragement on 30th July.


Pastor Malcolm exhorted us with a message from Ephesians 2:8-10. He reminded us that we are saved by grace and not works; but God saved us that we may do good works He has prepared for us in advance. I am reminded of the relevance of our work at the three clinics and not to be discouraged when we do not see immediate results.


It was a heart warming experience when two of our brothers from India, working as construction workers, testified joyfully about their physical healing which came after they were spiritually healed by Jesus. One of them had so much faith in the Living God that he prayed for his wife who had severe monthly menstrual cramps and a dying neighbour. Both were miraculously healed! For those of us who only see the patients once during consultation, it was encouraging to hear these testimonies of God’s goodness. May we soldier on for the Kingdom of Heaven! - Dr. Lee Tang Yin, volunteer doctor at HealthServe Community Clinic Geylang


The night might have started with a sense of unfamiliarity but that was quickly dispelled by the warm fellowship, food that we had a common palate for and, most importantly, the hearts that were opened to knowing each other.


As for me, the sharing by the 2 migrant workers was especially moving. It reminds me that there is a story behind every face. We serve a God that embodies true love and how can we respond but to show this same love to the “aliens” in our midst? These migrant workers that shared their lives that night are just some of the fruits borne out of the willingness of our hearts to heed the call to love our neighbours. The short exhortation that followed by Pastor Malcolm continued to echo these same sentiments- the privilege of service.


At the close of the night, new friendships were forged, existing relationships deepened and purposes renewed. Brothers and Sisters-in-Christ, as it is said in Romans, we are all part of the body of Christ. Even though we may serve different functions, in different ministries, we have a common purpose. To that purpose, let us be steadfast! - Jonathan Tan, medical student and volunteer at Karunya Clinic






Medical Students - VCF Meeting with Dr Vikram


The weekly prayer fellowship meeting of VCF at the Lecture Theatre 29, NUS, Singapore, on the 16th of August, 2011 deeply inspired both my wife & me. It was equally an opportunity, a privilege, and an honour for me to address roughly over 60 medics there. The interest & enthusiasm of the students there on the topic of Bioethics was motivating. I wish we could have discussed more ... I am sorry we had to stop the discussions because of time constraints. But I do look forward for another chance to be there – maybe for a retreat or conference. - Dr Vikram Kumar Tirkey





HCFI World Conference Diamond Jubilee (Manila on 4 to 9 September 2011)

600 Christian healthcare workers from 87 nations gathered in Manila for the 75th diamond jubilee of HCFI (Healthcare Christian Fellowship International) to celebrate and proclaim Jesus the Lord of the health fields of the world.

This was a historical and awesome event that I was privileged to attend in the Philippines from 4th to 9th September 2011. Dr Arul shared precious truths and important lessons from Luke every morning, convicting many hearts about the need for prayer and revival and transformation in the health fields of today which lies in ruins in many parts of both the developed and in developing world. It was such a joy meeting like-minded people from around the world, such as Korea, Russia, inner Mongolia and even Madagascar!

One of the events was an informal dinner hosted by CMDF Singapore for Filipino doctors together with ICMDA doctors like Drs Vinod Shah (ICMDA Gen Secretary), Kevin Vaughan (UK), Sally Vios (Philippines), Leo Poon (Hong Kong) and Chen Herng Der (Taiwan). Dr Shah shared and helped us explore how we can share resources for the common good of the community as medical professionals.

While I was able to spy a fair number of Singaporeans, I longed to but did not find young Singaporean doctors there, However I am assured that through concerted efforts, they too will hear and run with this big vision to make Jesus the LORD of the health fields indeed. - Dr. Ranjana Acharya


gcf 2

GCF 56th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

The Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF) held its 56th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner on 23 September 2011 at the NTU Alumni Club Ballroom, 11 Slim Barracks Rise. A total of 260 GCF members, friends, FES staff workers and students from the various universities and polytechnics CFs attended the function.

This yearly event was also an opportunity for GCF members to meet with old friends and ex-colleagues. The dinner started with worship led by students from the Varsity Christian Fellowship. Mr. Timothy Liu, GCF President, in his welcome address, highlighted GCF’s Vision for 2011 and beyond. The Guest-of-Honour was Assoc Professor Ho Peng Kee. In his message, “Good Governance - Biblical Perspectives and a Personal Journey”, he shared about God’s grace and provision in his 20 years in public service. - Mr Simon Chia


open house

open house 2


Open House (24 September 2011)

The dinner gathering was certainly a great time of food, sharing and fellowship! I’m so glad for an opportunity like this to interact with seniors and doctors, learning through their experiences. I believe it is important to have people we can respect and emulate as we navigate our way through medical school and then our careers, so that we may better understand how to live the Christian life in the medical field.

The sharings on mission work hit home the message to listen and be obedient servants of God when He calls us to His plans. Yet there were many a light-hearted moment as well, with even questions posed about how to choose a suitable spouse! A big thank you to all who made this possible. - Tan Hui Min (M2)



Work A Day For ICMDA

Participate in the ‘Work a Day for ICMDA’! You are invited to support the regionally focused work of ICMDA through prayer and by giving the equivalent of one day’s salary for the work of the ICMDA. Students are also encouraged to participate in giving what they feel able to. The closest working day before St Luke’s day, (Healthcare Sunday in some countries) has been chosen as ‘Work a day for ICMDA – Day’ which this year is on 16th October 2011!

The past years have seen growth across the regions of ICMDA with increased regional activity and expenditure. Support of the ICMDA Development Fund which supports the regional work of ICMDA depends upon the freewill giving of member movements and individuals. So take part with others around the world in this initiative by signing up at www.icmda.net. Further information on prayer and giving will be sent to you upon registration.






Medical Missions Teams To Sichuan

CMDF facilitated a team of 12 doctors and nurses for a mission trip to Dazhou, in the north-eastern part of Sichuan Province, China. The host, Dazhou Christian Church, was very enthusiastic to have the services of this first overseas medical team, which helped to raise its profile in providing much-needed community services. The team comprising Drs Goh Teck Chong (internist), Koh Poh Kian (paediatrician), Tang Kok Kee (surgeon), Fong Chiu Yan and Djeng Siang Hwa (family physicians) treated 656 patients in Dazhou and three outlying villages of Tuxi, Zaojiaping and Panshi during the week 7-13 Aug 2011.

Coincidentally, during the same week, 8 surgeons/anaesthetists (Drs Yeap Choong Lieng, Tan Chong Tien, Tan Eng Choon, Sim Chiang Khi, Chua Choon Lan, Lai Yeow Choy, Low Tut Choon, Sally Wong) together with four OT-trained nurses and a physiotherapist formed the MSI Specialist Team to the 2008 Sichuan earthquake area. As the first foreign multi-disciplinary surgical team, they were warmly welcomed by the newly-opened Beichuan County Hospital. The hospital was very pleased with the visit, the lectures and the good recovery of the 31 patients after surgery and gave each team-member a special Qiang embroidery art-piece.



tan lai yong


Medical Missions Foundation

The MMF committee met recently in August to hear reports on the 15 medical missionaries in the field as well as the Golf Tournament and Fund-raising Dinner held at Raffles Country Club.

It was noted that Dr Tan Lai Yong gave a touching presentation during the dinner event to some 320 guests. We are much encouraged by the support from the medical fraternity and the non-medical community. However, it is hoped that many more doctors from the restructured hospitals will show support for MMF, as we seek to demonstrate to both serving and potential missionaries from within our midst that the Christian doctors back home are firmly behind them.

Please continue to contribute towards the funding. MMF is eager for the ‘small’ donors, as we believe this is more meaningful and more important than aiming for ‘big-timers’.

With the disbursement sent out by the treasurer in mid-August, we are pleased to announce that a total of $237,000 had been given out this year (compared with $193,000 in 2010).

The committee also met Dr Sim Sze Shan (dental missionary) and her husband to hear about the marvelous work done in Yunnan during the past three years. They have returned from the field and are grateful for the support given through the MMF. - Dr. Chua Choon Lan



call for docs



Project Phetchabun

Project Phetchabun is a nascent medical expedition targeting the Hmong ethnic community in Phetchabun, Central Thailand. While the Hmong people are the second largest hill tribe in Thailand, many of them are refugees who had fled from the Laotian government due to their involvement in the Vietnam War, and are thus without official Thai citizenship. The marginalized population faces great difficulty in accessing employment and healthcare, and is plagued by poverty and social problems such as drug abuse, juvenile delinquency and domestic violence.

Project Phetchabun was pioneered in June 2011 by a group of students from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine in collaboration with RADION International, a Thai Christian non-governmental organization. The team delivered basic healthcare through medical clinics and house visits, surveyed the prevalence of chronic diseases, distributed food and relief items, and conducted educative hand hygiene demonstrations. Our work there has augmented RADION’s Christian outreach and enabled them to touch even more unreached groups in the area.

In the long run, we hope to expand our outreach in the region, while developing a holistic health programme inclusive of dental care, as well as to educate the locals to promote sustainability and self-sufficiency.

A second trip is under preparation for this coming December, from the 11th to the 21st and we are still looking for doctors with an interest in mission work to join us either this December or for future trips. For those who are interested to be a part of this project or to make a contribution, please don’t hesitate to contact us at projectphetchabun@gmail.com. Any contribution will go a long way in helping the Hmongs in Thailand. - Lee Jin-Faye



Karen Refugee Mission, 9-13th December 2011

Medical doctors and Dental Surgeons are needed on regular basis to serve the needs of the rural, unfortunate and oppressed villagers along the Thai- Myanmar border who suffer due to lack of medical and dental care made worse by malnutrition and poor water/sanitation conditions. Our next trip will be from December 9th -13th with ACROSS (Anglican Crisis Relief, Outreach and Support, Singapore). If you would like to serve now or anytime in the future, do contact us at mercyministries@cmdf.org.sg. We will keep you updated on the dates of future trips. - Dr Tan Hun Hoe




siew hor

Dental Prayer Fellowship

I remember an observation made by a tutor while I was in dental school. She remarked that we use a sharp probe to check the margins of crowns made by others but tend to use a blunt probe when assessing our own crown margins. Often, we are likely to be critical of mistakes made by others but choose to ignore or make light of our own ones. One possibility for such differential standards could be that societies and groups are less tolerant of mistakes and failures, dealing with them by way of punishment and losses. Whether we are students or working indviduals, we are assessed more on performance rather than on the processes we take to experiment and learn. For instance, students are graded on the finished work and scores in written exams, not really accounting for reflective learning.

Such aversion to personal loss, resulting in failure to recognise our own weaknesses and mistakes, can cost us spiritually. Jesus warns us of trying to correct others without first taking a deep hard look at ourselves.

"And why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but do not perceive the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother. 'Brother let me remove the speck that is in your eye', when you yourself do not see the plank that is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank that is in your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck that is in your brother's eye." (Luke 6:41 & 42, NKJV)

It is important that we take the Word of God and apply it to ourselves first before we can apply it to others. Otherwise we will be like the proverbial blind leading the blind. Applying the Word does not mean that we look for passages to reinforce what we are dong right but also actively look for what we do not do. It could be things like forgiveness, loving our enemies, giving to the needs of the poor, etc. We become more like Him not through doing more of the things we do best but allowing His light to shine in the areas of our lives that are still in the dark. We need to allow His Word and Spirit to inwardly transform us.

There is a Christian song I used to sing with the folllowing lyrics, "not my brother, nor my sister but it's me oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer.... ". I love this song because it reminds me of our own needs for forgiveness and sanctification. May the Lord's grace and mercy grant us courage to confess our own weaknesses and allow Him to work in us. - Dr Goh Siew Hor


whatever works

Student Movie Screening @ VCF

As a member of the Medicine Varsity Christian Fellowship for the past 4 years, I have had many interactions with the CMDF organisation individually and as a whole, and I am really thankful for their enthusiasm in sharing with us their experiences and reaching out to us students.

As such, when we decided to hold a movie screening as one of the events kicking off the new school year, we were really privileged to have the assistance of Dr Wong Lee Yuen and her team. Held on the 2nd August 2011, the movie we chose was "Whatever Works", and it was initially perplexing to the members as to why this show was chosen. However, the discussion after the movie, facilitated by Dr Wong and her team, helped us to formulate conclusions and learning points from the movie, that I’m sure pushed many of us to greater maturity in our spiritual walk.

I hope that we will continue to have such opportunities to draw from the wealth of experience of those who have passed through before us, and that God will use such experiences to grow us that we may serve Him better in the future. - Leon Lim Tak Keet





Luke's Journal

Who am I? Beyond Human? Some Biblical Theological Reflections on the Human Vocation. Also: A Theology of Stigma in a Time of HIV and AIDS. All these and more in Luke's Journey of Medical and Dentistry Vol. 16 no. 2. CMDF Australia has kindly allowed us to distribute their publication to our members. Download the journal in the PDF format at our website at: www.cmdf.org.sg/publications.php