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Dear friends,


I write this note having just participated in a consultation called the Micah Network where I was constantly challenged to reflect on the question 'what does the Lord require of you'. Stories of transformation in the midst joy and pain shaped the few days I spent with some 400 fellow Christians and practitioners from churches and NGOs around the world.


Our CMDF community has this question to grapple with too. The teams Project Naadi and Project Yangon, friends learning about Mobile Clinics for Mission and others having conversations on Disaster Relief Response, will be engaging this question and issues.


Do join us for our Annual Celebration Dinner 'Off The Beaten Track' in November where you will catch a glimpse of adventures from unique vacations to unusual vocations framed by the Micah challenge. And then perhaps be inspired to play our part in framing the future of Singapore together with thousands who will soon come together to talk about what matters and the Singapore they want through 'Our Singapore Conversations'. We have much to contribute.


May the Lord grant that we might 'act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God' (Micah 6:8) as we ponder on 'what does the Lord require of you?'








medical research

Open House


Medical Research - Christian Concerns


Medical research is the only way to advance the frontiers of medicine. But what does the Bible say about it? Open House is privileged to have Dr. Aw Swee Eng to discuss this topic with us. He is both a bible teacher and a medical researcher.


Come and join us over dinner on 13 Oct 2012 (Saturday), 6.30pm to 9pm for a most engaging session. Please register with admin@cmdf.org.sg.



annual dinner

CMDF Annual Celebration Dinner 2012 - Off The Beaten Track

From unique vacations to unusual vocations, join us as we celebrate these diverse paths off the beaten track. Tables are going at $950 (regular) and $750 (students and junior doctors). Please email: admin@cmdf.org.sg

CMDF Annual Celebration Dinner - Off The Beaten Track
Date: Saturday 24 November 2012
Time: 7pm
Venue: NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House



Being Equipped at the GCF Intersect 2012 Conference

“Very good, excellent conference. Talks and Dr Philip Satterthwaite’s sessions are excellent and I would like to thank and commend the committee for organising this conference” - Participant.

“Need to find ways to expose these sort of talks/events to non-GCFers: a way to expose more people to GCF as well “. - Participant

GCF held the Intersect 2012 Conference at Le Grandeur Resort, Senai, Johor in Malaysia from 9-11 August 2012. A total of 48 participants (34 full conference participants, 14 day participants) attended the 2 ½ day conference. The theme for the conference was “Christians in Society: Equipping to Engage”.

Our keynote speaker, Dr Philip Satterthwaite, Principal of Biblical Graduate School of Theology spoke on “Christians and non-Christian Society: Discernment and Engagement”. Five other talks were held from 9-10 August. Mr Gregory Vijayendran spoke on “Understanding and Practising Good Governance in Christian Ministry”, Mr Lee Min Choon, a Malaysian lawyer, spoke on “Engaging Society-The Malaysian Experience”, Mr Benjamin Pwee spoke on “Globalisation of the Economy and Impact on Singapore Workforce”, Ms Tong Suit Chee spoke on “Engaging the Media-what works and what doesn’t “and Professor Ang Peng Hwa spoke on “How Christians can use social media effectively.

On the second day of the conference, participants selected one of the following workshops, which dealt with various issues to attend - The Christian Family, Integrative Care for the Elderly, Interfaith and Religion in Singapore, Christian Businesses, Faith and Wealth, and God’s Truth across Generations. At night, a movie “Whatever Works” was screened, followed by a lively discussion. Time was also set aside for small groups’ interaction where participants shared their views on the various issues raised by the speakers. - Simon Chia and Tong Suit Chee


mmf golf1

mmf golf 2

mmf golf 3



MMF 8th Annual Golf Tournament & Fund-Raising Dinner


The 8th Medical Mission Foundation Golf and Fund Raising Dinner was held in The Singapore Island Country Club New Course on the 27th June 2012.


Each year, this event raises funds for our Medical and Dental missionaries, helping them in their effort to reach out to the poor and needy in the third world countries, as well as introducing to them the love of Christ and the way to salvation. These missionaries and their families are mainly based in Asia and Africa.


A total of 144 golfers teed off on that beautiful afternoon in a meticulous golf course. The golfers enjoyed themselves, and had good fun and fellowship in the greens. However, the hole-in-one prize of a Mercedes Benz 200 eluded the golfers, despite their best efforts. The Dr Benjamin Chew Challenge Trophy, and was won by Mr Kuah Boon Wee. We had the honour of the eldest son of The Late Dr Benjamin Chew, Professor Dr Chew Chin Hin to present the trophy.


At the evening dinner, we were privileged to hear from one of our oldest missionaries, Dr Andrew Ng Kang Chin. Andrew spent 12 years in Galmi Hospital in Niger; Following 15 years as regional director, and in past 7 years, as Deputy Regional Director of S.I.M. His stories and experiences, presented by slides and clear sincere voice, were gripping and poignant, deeply impressing the dinner audience.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank my very hard working committee who made this event an enjoyable one for all. Many friends and business houses showered us with gifts for the golfers' goody bags and for the dinner ballot draw. Others contributed with donations, and 380 attended the dinner. I am very grateful to you all. I am glad to report that altogether we raised about $322,000 nett of expenses. Praise be to God. - Dr James Chang Ming Yu, Chairman, golf and dinner organizing committee



Louis Sutton



Annual Fellowship Meeting / Medicine Conference


On a drizzly Saturday morning my wife Sally and I attended the Medicine Conference 2012 jointly organized by Medicine – VCF and CMDF.


It was a very refreshing time meeting medical students, nurses and medical professionals, young and old. Joshua Lee ( M3 ) Chairperson of the VCF Medicine Conference greeted us and reminded me that that he was my Paediatric patient many years ago ! After a time of singing and worship led by Samuel Lim ( M3 ) the keynote speaker Dr Louis Sutton, shared with us his journey as a missionary doctor in Chad and how the Lord finally led him to become the international Director of WEC based in Singapore. We were encouraged to “seize our divine moments “ and be concerned more about “ our clarity of affection “ rather than “clarity of direction”.


Dr Julio Tan, House Officer, then shared about the journey of Joseph and the fact that God can lead us in unusual ways.” God writes straight with crooked lines” We then broke up to have discussions in small groups. Our young colleagues were very much interested in God’s calling.


The second part of the program, titled “The Challenge of Obedience” dealt with the issues of life choices in our career. Dr Stephen Lim, Dr Darryl Chew, Sister Dora Lang and Dr Sutton shared from their personal experiences. After lunch Prof Paul Tambyah launched us into some soul searching scenarios for discussion in our small groups. There was meaningful sharing by various students and doctors. I remember Dr Tan Lai Yong’s wise comments including the suggestion that we should “keep our cost down“. This reminded me of a GCF conference several years ago when the book “Enough is Enough“ was discussed.


The financial statement of CMDF was presented by Dr Wong Lee Yuen, the treasurer. This was followed by an offering collection. All in all, I found the conference very meaningful and it made evident our Lord’s work in the lives of the medical fraternity in Singapore. - Dr Koh Poh Kian


*Click here to read more about the Medicine Conference / AFM 2012.


Open Eyes

Opened Eyes In A Darkened Room


"Those who tell stories rule society" (Plato). We believe that movies are the most pravalent and influential media that mediates stories in the society now. As such, the ministry seeks to Christian appreciation and engagement with movies.


Having screened over 40 movies in the past three years, we hope to continue to expand our outreach efforts to include churches and organisations who are interested to engage with modern culture through the use of films.


If you would like further information on Opened Eyes in a Darkened Room or to arrange for a movie screening in your church/organisation, please contact Simon Chia at GCF office 6338 6283 or email gcfsing@gcf.org.sg.





dr tan hun hoe

Interested in Medical Missions/Disaster Relief?

Dr Tan Hun Hoe and CMDF Student Representative Samuel Lim are organising a networking and sharing session to bring together both doctors and students who are interested in medical missions and disaster relief. The hope is to establish this common platform for those in the medical profession who have a passion to further God's work beyond our shores, with strong support from the Christian Medical-Dental Fellowship (CMDF).

The main speakers for the event would include:

Dr Tan Hun Hoe - missions, CMDF and consultant urologist, Mount Alvernia Hospital
Dr Goh Wei Leong - chairperson, CMDF and director, Healthserve

Rev Dr Tan Soo Inn - chaplain, CMDF and chairperson, Gracework

Date: 21 September, Friday
Time: 6pm - 8.30pm
Location: LT28, NUS

For more info, please email Samuel at samuellim_238@hotmail.com

Mobile Clinic

Mobile Clinics For Missions

Mobile Clinics for Missions (MCM) is a half day workshop specially designed for local (Singapore) Church/Mission leaders and also general volunteers(Healthcare/Non-Healthcare Workers). Contents of the workshop consist of a general introduction to medical relief mission and also specific roles and requirements of individuals in mobile clinic operations.

Workshop speakers are Dr Lim Koon Jin, Dr Tan Lai Yong and Dr Hooi Shing Chuan. You can register for the workshop @ http://www.formstack.com/landing/CRS-MCM_Register. All are welcome.

Date: 13 October 2012
Time: 2.00pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Pasir Panjang Hill Brethren Church

Course Fee: $10
Organiser: Dr. Natarajan Rajaraman (PPH)


naadi 1


Project Naadi

In collaboration with the Christian social ministry Showers of Blessings (Chennai, India), Project Naadi is an overseas community service project organized by a group of friends led by God to medical missions and rural community work. The project’s vision is to nurture compassion in each team member and develop a heart for the needy worldwide. Project Naadi has its roots from the previous Yunnan community service trips partnered with Dr Tan Lai Yong.

In December 2011, team leaders from the Yunnan Expeditions pioneered a community service trip to rural Tamil Nadu, India. During the 2-week journey, the members were involved in community work in poverty-stricken villages - planting trees, teaching village children, building a village toilet, conducting rural medical health camps and visiting Shelter Charity Home, a home for HIV-infected children.

This December, with a team of 48 volunteers (including medical students, doctors and allied health workers), we are planning to follow the footsteps of Jesus by serving and loving the poorest of the poor in India. We will visit leprosy-afflicted people in their colonies and spend time with the children living with HIV. We will also perform rural medical health camps and work on building projects together with the locals at the lowest rung of their society. May the Lord let us see the unseen, hear the unheard, and touch the untouched.

Project Naadi is a not-for-profit group, with our project funds collected through fund-raising activities. If your heart resonates with ours, and you wish to contribute monetary aid, please do contact us at ocip.naadi@gmail.com.


Yangon 3

Yangon 2



Medical Mission to Yangon, Myanmar (Project Yangon)

A team of 10 medical students, together with Pastor Patrick Foo and Dr Derek Allen, organised a first-time medical mission to Yangon from 25th April to 9th May 2012 with the aim of serving the people of Myanmar by improving health outcomes in the rural outskirts of the city. The team was supported by Crisis Relief Singapore, NUS Medical Society and the National Youth Council.

Outpatient clinics, health screening services and health education programmes were carried out in 9 orphanages for resident orphans, orphans from other nearby orphanages and villagers from the surrounding areas. The team was very well-received, and an estimated 700 people were served over the 2 weeks.

Basic medical records have been drafted to identify orphanages which have greater needs, and miscellaneous projects planned by the individual orphanages have also been taken into consideration for the team’s future plans. The team hopes to continue this project with a follow-up trip in April/May 2013.





Dental Prayer Fellowship

Desmond and I went to eat "Chong Qing Hot Pot" the other day. There were 3 levels of spiciness (mild, medium, high) to choose from. We chose the medium grade, thinking that it'll probably be manageable since we already passed the highest grade. Secretly, there was this part in me that wanted to go for the most spicy level for the best kick.

It turned out that the first few mouthfuls were good and "Shiok"! But as we ate on, our lips turned red, and our mouths were stinging! We regretted our choice. We had to ask the waitress to add more hot water to reduce the spiciness. However, that only improved the situation slightly. The Sichuan pepper (huajiao)and the red chili had already been cooked with the soup, and adding hot water does not sooth the numbing effect of the Sichuan peppe.

That was not the end of the story. The next day, we woke up with stomachaches and had to make several trips to the toilet, and it was a burning sensation! The suffering does not just stop after the meal.

Desmond also shared with me that in his younger days, he liked to challenge himself and would always go for the most spicy grade whenever he goes out with his friends as that would draw the "WAHs!" and admiration from his peers. However, he learnt his lesson one day when he and his friends went out to eat ramen. The spiciness was graded from 1-10, and as usual, he ordered the 10th “Are u crazy?" level. When the bowl of ramen came, he did not even get past his first mouth and had to waste the remaining bowl of ramen as it was just too spicy for him to carry on.

It got me thinking that this performance mentality is so true in today’s society. The performance starts from day 1 when the baby is born. Parents are competing to see whose child can get into the best pre-school, kindergarten, primary school, who gets the highest for PSLE, O levels (or who gets to do integrated programme), A levels.

Those who managed to get into dental school are naturally the more competitive ones (myself included). Though many of us may say it was entirely due to God’s grace that we got into dental school. However, if we did not compete or perform well in school, we would not have got into dental school in the first place. Indirectly, we are all subtly ingrained to compete and be the best. Most of us are brought up to think that we need to perform well to please our parents, teachers, etc. No one wants to be the "loser" in class or society.

However, what exactly is God's idea of losers or winners? Do we need to perform well to please Him? He always has very interesting and contrasting interpretation of what the world believes. He says “So the last will be first, and the first will be last” in Matthew 20:16.

The widow who gave her two last mites, though it was only 2 mites, was commended by Jesus. “ And He looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury, and He saw also a certain poor widow putting in two mites. So He said, “Truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all; for all these out of their abundance have put in offerings for God, but she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had.” Luke 21:1-4

Hence, it is not the quantity or position that GOD is looking for.He does not care about how well we do in school, how much we scored for PSLE, how many As we achieved in our ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels, or what profession we are in. What He is looking for is our faith. Everything that the Father has, belongs to me. I do not need to work to earn His love or salvation.

Once the bowl of ramen is too spicy to be eaten, the whole bowl is wasted away. Just for the sake of wanting to impress others. Not only that, the suffering may be prolonged for some time (stomachaches, etc).

Similarly, once we forget that it is entirely due to God’s grace that got us to where we are, and start to think that performance determines our entitlement, we have wasted all that He has done for us. Once you lose the opportunity, time will never go back again.

Once you graduate, you may never have the opportunity to minister to your lab partner. Once you move to a new clinic, or posting, you may never have the chance to listen to the problems of your dental surgery assistant and pray with her.

I had a bad episode of slipped disc and my entire right leg was numb and I was on long MC for 3 months. This happened immediately after my MDS exams. I thought that I had lost my career and I studied so hard for nothing. I have come to realize that whatever I have comes from God and if He chooses to take it back, He can.

I am not saying we do not need to work hard and can just sit back and chill and have faith in God to help us do well. What I mean is that every second, every minute in dental school, in our profession, we need to constantly remind ourselves that is His grace that has brought us here so far. Even after I have gone through the terrible ordeal, I occasionally still face the danger of being caught up in the rat race of competing, and trying to clock as many cases as possible to get onto the specialist register.

It is a constant battle for me. The enemy always wants to come and tell us that we need to perform and work hard in order to gain the recognition of our family, peers, and colleagues. Learn to recognize that it is not the voice of our Father who loves us so much to pay the price for us to grant us entitlement to ALL that He has.

Several years ago, one of the undergraduates committed suicide in her final year of dental school. Many of her classmates and teachers regretted not detecting her suicidal signs and ministering to her. I pray that none of us will ever have to live in regret for not doing something that the Lord has called us to do in exchange for the most beautiful wax up in the world.

I would like to invite anyone of us who have at any point of time succumbed to the spirit of performance to pray the following prayer. I still constantly pray this prayer whenever I feel that my attention is being drawn away from God into the rat race.

“In the name of Jesus, I nail the spirit of performance to the cross. I break all agreement I have with the spirit of performance, and ask you God to send it away.” Then pray and ask God what He would like to give you in place of the spirit of performance.

We will be having our annual welcome DPF dinner for the Undergraduate freshmen on Thursday 27th September, 6.30pm! Would you seize the opportunity to invite your Christian classmates to come for a time of fellowship and spiritual rejuvenation? We never know if there will ever be another chance to do so again. - Elaine Tan




Rohtang Pass


Book - Rohtang Pass

In June 1979, two young Indian doctors with a mission first stepped into a forsaken hospital in a dusty Himalayan town. When four junior Singaporean doctors embarked on an arduous journey to visit them more than thirty years later, they had no clue that the holiday would unfold into an incredible story of provoking life lessons and miraculous escapes from various rural dangers. While facing the wrath of a formidable snowstorm, testimonies of love, faith and courage were born in the valleys surrounding a merciless mountain pass. Rohtang Pass is the gripping true story of doctors, teachers, children and heroes of the Indian Himalayas.

For more details, email: nyillumni@gmail.com or admin@cmdf.org.sg.



Luke's Journal

Luke’s Journal is published four times a year by the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia Inc. (CMDFA). The views expressed in the articles are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the CMDFA.

CMDF Australia has kindly allowed us to distribute their publication to our members. Download the September issue, Vol. 17 no. 2 issue of Luke's Journal in the PDF format at our website at: www.cmdf.org.sg/publications.php